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Diseased Jawa

Here's my review from the original release of the Diseased Jawa: You know, I realized something when I viewed this skin. Jawas are...


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Here's my review from the original release of the Diseased Jawa:

You know, I realized something when I viewed this skin. Jawas are really the seven dwarves in disguise. Jokes aside, this skin is incredibly simple. The author really only changed the hands, eyes, and added some splotches onto the robes. Supposedly these splotches are supposed to look like diseased flesh or something, though I wonder how his diseased flesh got on his robe. His friend must have exploded on him.

On to the technical aspect of the skin. I don't know what he did to the hands, but they look gross. I guess that's the point, though. The little splotches on the robe seem to be cut out with hard edges, probably with a polygonal lasso. From a distance you can't tell... much. Actually from a distance the only change you can really see is the hands.

Like jawas? Like disease? You may want to download. Otherwise unless you want that diseased feel you may as well just play the regular jawa.

This version of the skin is quite improved. At first I couldn't see anything different about it, but then I looked a little harder. The hands still seem about the same, but the 'splotches' on the robe have been much improved, so now they look more like holes or burn marks. It looks much more realistic than the original version, especially since the edges aroung these 'holes' are a greyish tone, which to me is what makes them look like burn marks.

For a simple jawa reskin, it's pretty good. I personally like the red team skin the best, as you can more easily see the details on the robe. We also have some new sounds, taken from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. They're kind of scary, actually :p. Very diseased-sounding. I've never played RtCW, but I'm sure some of you who have may recognize these monstery-sounding sounds. Anyway, it's always good to see a skinner improve, and we definitely have improvement here. Keep practicing and you'll only get better!

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes


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Readme File:
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE: Diseased Jawa (v2)	
Author: -=^Animal^=-
E-MAIL: justloseyourself@hotmail.co.uk

FILENAME: diseased_jawav2.pk3
FILESIZE: 4,136kb

Bot Support: Yes
Npc Support: Yes
Team Support: Yes
New Sounds: Yes - Courtesy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein II

To install: Unzip the pk3 file into the GameData/base directory.

Description: This is version 2 of my Diseased Jawa skin, now with better textures and new sounds.

Troubleshooting: Make sure you have deleted the existing Diseased Jawa files if you downloaded version 1!!!

Thanks to: Inyri for his constructive critism with version 1 of the skin, everyone involved in Return To Castle Wolfenstein II.


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