DKS Forest (v1.1)



My review of the first version of this map:

Take a look at the first screenshot there. Isn't that breathtaking? I only wish there was a real place just like that near me. The rock bridges, the dark sky, the rain, the mass amounts of foliage and the music. *sigh* This map is so peaceful. I'm quite familiar with Wraith's work and it surprised me that this was made by him. I'm used to all of his really, really, really shiny stuff.

DKS Forest is a lovely map with many areas for dueling and FFAing. There are pools of water surrounded by rocks and trees and open grassy areas, and rain everywhere. You can't exactly jump from each area to the next, so there are portals you can find in some places. I really like the stone textures used on and around the portals. And the grass coming up through the stones is a nice detail. There's a waterfall in one area, but you can't really get to it. It's just there as a nice little effect ... ambience, y'know? Thankfully, there are some points of interest for duels. An area with statues and a fallen tree, a platform that isn't exactly ruins, but kinda is. Does that make sense? I only wish there were more ruins in other places. The grassy fields are nice, but it gets to be a bit too repetitive after a while.

Okay, yay for good FPS! With many of Wraith's maps, I get horrible FPS, but not on this map! The only error I noticed was something about weather zones. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that it was raining under a rock. The other thing this map needs is more ambient sounds. Like, animals or wind or both or something, y'know? Even without those added things, this is a great map. No, I take that back. This is a spiffimatic map. New word brought to you by LordWraith himself. Though I've adopted that new word and it is now and forever will be ... my word. And here's an exact definition of that word from Wraith:

Quote: Spiffimatic = having the qualities of spiffiness, or so spiffy that spiffiness is automatically a trait. ie: SAY! that cheese burger was spiffimatic, or MY GOODNESS that map pwns so much it was spiffimatic!

So yeah, spiffimatic map, Wraith.

So sometimes mappers aren't satisfied with maps that are already great. Or, maybe I had something to do with this second version because of my comments to Wraith. I didn't mention it in the review because it didn't seem relevant. But I didn't feel there were enough points of interest in the map. It's a beautiful map, but it didn't have enough going on in the first version. Wraith has added some more "points of interest" to this map. Nothing was taken away. In fact, it still rains under the rocks. ;) But that's okay. It's still a spiffimatic map! :D

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA




---Author details---------------------------------------------------------

Author id		: LordWraith
Name			: Wraith
MSN			: [email protected]
Website			: http://www.dksclan.com
Bio			: -

---File details-----------------------------------------------------------

Description			: DKS Forest FFA map (Dedicated to LadyWhisper)
Installation instructions	: unzip and place the pk3 file into the 'base' folder of JA
Filesize			: -
Build date			: 1/24/03
Version				: 1.1
Version History			: 1.1


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**Extra bits included free of charge**

- Amos "Points of Interest" Magee
---Special Thanks----------------------------------------------------
- My fiance', LadyWhisper(LKSO), for giving me the inspiration for this map,
and for always being excellent to me and putting up with me mapping for long hours.
This map is a tribute to, and dedicated to her.

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