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When I get to review a skinpack this big, I never take screenshots of all of the skins available - but I think I got most of them anyway. :)...


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When I get to review a skinpack this big, I never take screenshots of all of the skins available - but I think I got most of them anyway. :) I'll just let you all know right now that these skins aren't all made by one person - {DmS}Rag*Doll and {DmS}Assassin combined their efforts for this clan skinpack.

Most of the skins included here have a very ... hmmm ... shall we say ... minimalistic look to them. Many have the tag "DmS" written somewhere on them. On a few, it's just too obvious, on others, it's more tastefully done. Surprisingly, I actually like their Reborn reskin. There are two Reborns here that at first glance, I thought one was just a copy of the other, but white. But upon closer inspection, I found that the little details in the skin - on the front and back and even the face and hood - were quite different from each other. There are a couple of Zabraks thrown into the mix for a nice variety. The, uh, "Pimp Yoda" I don't like at all. The clothing is too bright, Yoda is too dark and he in no way resembles anything that I would label with the word "pimp". Remember that sexy beast that is Duffman? Rarely do we see a clan embrace that model and reskin it for a clan skin. (Is it just me, or does Duffman's smile look like a white mustache from afar?)

Anyway, not all of the skins have new sounds, and not all of them have team support. But there's enough there for me to say that this is a complete skin pack. It has everything a clan skinpack should have. :) One warning though, this thing is almost 30MB ... so ... yeah. Good work on this skinpack guys. :)

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Download 'dmsskinpack.zip' (29.09MB)

This Is the {DmS} Skin Pack
All Skins were done by {DmS}Rag*Doll and {DmS}Assassin
These are all reskins and all modeling and original skinning are credited to the original authors (eg. Ravage skins pack, yoda, maul)

To Install: Add the .pk3 to your base folder

Visit The {DmS}Server at 209.233.94: 29080

Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Visit us at www.dms.clanlc.com

[LC]Pretzel-== made the original dms skin:D
{DmS}Rag Skins: {DmS}Cultist, {DmS}Reborn/skull, {DmS}Reborn White
{DmS}Assassin Skins: All the rest:P!!

Assassin skin: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/Assassin.jpg
Darkner Skin: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/darkner.jpg
Dms Reborn: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/dmsreborn.jpg
Dms Reborn Shader: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/dmsrebornshader.jpg
Dms Skin: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/dmsskin.jpg
Dms Skull: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/dmsskull.jpg
Duffman: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/duffman.jpg
TheForce Skin: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/force.jpg
Germ Skin: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/germ.jpg
Pimp Yoda Skin: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/pimpyoda.jpg
Rag Doll Skin: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/ragdoll.jpg
Razor Skin: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/razor1.jpg
SilentAssassin skin: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/silentass.jpg
Venom Skin: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/venom.jpg
Venom Robe Skin: http://www.xbox-connection.com/hostedimages/venomrobe.jpg

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