Docking Tower Seven



Well, when I get a map that was submitted in a duel map contest, I know I'm about to review a great map. I don't know what place rgoer got, but it had to be at least one of the top 5. Those of you who've been in the JK community for a while and try out different maps all the time must remember Chapel of the Ysalamiri. :) That was rgoer's first map, I believe. And he did an amazing job with that.

Now, I recently mentioned that most mappers need to remember to keep things simple, but that isn't always the case. This is a duel map and so rgoer had a lot of room to play around with details and props and the result is just incredible. I'm not sure what to call each thing I see in this map. So I'm just going to say that overall, it looks amazing. My FPS was a little low for a duel map, but it didn't affect gameplay for me at all.

While there's no new music added, the music chosen works perfectly for this map. In my opinion, all duel maps should have bot support, and rgoer didn't leave it out. Though, that may have been a requirement for the map contest, I dunno. Doesn't matter. I only wish rgoer would make more maps! :) Great job!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: Duel, Powerduel, FFA



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