Doom Saber

You know, I'm not entirely sure why modelers insist on using... like... 800-sided cylinders for their hilt models. You won't really s...


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You know, I'm not entirely sure why modelers insist on using... like... 800-sided cylinders for their hilt models. You won't really see any extra smoothness with anything over 10 sides, and even 8 sides is plenty for the long-distance viewing you'll get in-game. All those added sides and wasted edge loops just make the hilt lag the game. Not to mention lag my ModView... -_-

So I exaggerated slightly. This hilt doesn't have 800 sides. I did count either 16 or 20, though, which is incredibly excessive especially since nothing in this hilt would require that many extra sides. Also there are a lot of unnecessary edge loops (why have five segments for a cylinder that never bends?). I know why it was done this way -- these are the modeling program's defaults. Well, as they (read as: I) always say, the system defaults are generally not the best. Food for thought.

So in terms of model efficiency, I give this model a big F. Do you care about any of that? Not a chance. So let's have everyone (except the author) forget everything I've already said and let's move on to the part the rest of you care about: how it looks. It's a very snazzy-looking hilt, and it's not the stuffy boring type of hilt we're used to seeing. You know the type I mean -- a cylinder with buttons. The texturing is also rather unique, and not low quality and just covered up by a shader. And yep, it's got a nice metallic shader, as well as both single and staff variants. Long story short, it's a very nice hilt and if you aren't running like... a Pentium 2 you should be fine.

So for the author's sake, here are the things I would fix, model-wise:

  • fewer sides on your cylinders
  • remove segment edges that aren't necessary
  • reduce overall model complexity and rely more on smoothing groups
  • consolidate multiple textures into a single skinmap to save space, time, and file size

In short, keep modeling. This is a great start, and you'll only get better. Also definitely worth an immediate download for hilt enthusiasts!


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
<>TITLE: Doom Saber
<>AUTHOR: DemonZariche

<>FILENAME: doom_hilt.pk3
<>FILESIZE: 924.0 kb
<>DATE RELEASED: 16/08/2007

-forum active players for suggestions about the textures and some fix

<>INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: put the doom_hilt.pk3 file in your GameData/Base folder

<>DESCRIPTION: this is my first saber hilt model, i've tried to do
  something new for a lightsaber by adding some "spoilers" on the hilt

<>BUGS: nothing

<>COMMENTS: if you want to use it in SP, open the control window by
  hitting SHIFT+~ (the button at left of 1) then type in
  <helpusobi 1> to enable cheats and then type in <saber doom_hiltD>
  if you want a blade like desann or <saber doom_hilt> if you want a
  normal blade


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