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Here we have a bunch of clan skins - 5 in total - all reskins of default JA models with the clan tag (DR) put on them. I'll go throu...


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Here we have a bunch of clan skins - 5 in total - all reskins of default JA models with the clan tag (DR) put on them. I'll go through each skin individually.

Drift I must say, this is not the most visually pleasing skin ever. It is the Boba Fett model recolored to be blue - so dark you almost can't see any detail - and red. The jetpack seems to be completely black-and-white, with no color on it anywehre. The entire skin seems like the author may have boosted up the contrast a bit, but that didn't seem to help the torso any. You can't even tell he was wearing armor now. The helmet is all one color - red - and has the blue {DR} tag on the top. Seemingly one {DR} wasn't enough for our author, so there are two {DR} atop Boba's head.

Elite Now I'm guessing blue and red are {DR}'s colors, because this skin is a blue and red Desann. No Desann sounds, though, so that kind of ruins it. The body has been colored over in blue, but it has been done in such a way that even the shadows are blue. Same for the red skin. Even Desann's teeth are now red. This, folks, is the defiition of a poor (or lazy/sloppy) recolor. Yep, you heard me admit it: there are varying degrees of recoloring, and this one sinks down the chart a little. So you knew there had to be a {DR} on it somewhere, right? Well it's on the back, slightly off-center. Well, maybe not so "slightly"...

Mith Flame Let me be (hopefully not) the first person to tell you that "mith" is spelled with a Y. This cultist is almost completely blue, and I find I can hardly see that it has a face. Yes, once upon a time this cultist had a small bit of flesh showing. Now his flesh - and eyes (whites and all) - are the same color as his clothes. A bright blue clan tag adorns the front of the torso and the back of the collar. Odd that it's caled Mith Flame when there's nothing reminiscent of a flame anywhere on it...

Resurrection Whee! The reborn! I knew there had to be one in here somewhere. Arguably the nicest looking skin in this pack, because you can actually see what it started out as. Actually, it looks kind of like Mario with a bag over his head, because of the red and blue color scheme. The boots are blue and the hands are red; I find that somewhat strange. The head is also black, which really kills the nice color scheme. On the head is the {DR} tag of course, but on one side it's backwards due to mirroring. Not a great touch.

Stormtrooper Finally, something that's not red or blue! It's not blue, but it is a conglomeration of strange filters with {DR} on it (of course). Once again, the tag is mirrored. I'd almost think this effect was neat, but after having seen it probably a dozen times it looses its luster. It's also a little grainy/pixely for my tastes, but perhaps you guys have a different perspective on it.

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Download 'dr_skins_v1.zip' (1.92MB)

-skins made by: Sacrificexss(clan leader).
-I also made the sith student and tribal warrior skins.

Extract to your ja gamedata/base folder.

email: [email protected] 


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