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Skin rating: * * ½ (out of four) — 6/10

Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

Merscil (KingArthur) has reskinned James Tragesser's original Count Dracula model into what he thinks may be a more accurate depiction of Count Dracula. Bram Stoker created the vampire in his epistolary horror novel Dracula, and the character was subsequently used in many later works, including video games. I assume that you know what vampires do: suck the blood of victims, who then become vampires themselves, which includes the benefit—or misfortune—of eternal life.

My biggest problem with the original model was the skinning job. The cape looked very nice, but the clothing and the head were murky in their sharpness and had a certain palor. The original head had wrinkles that didn't flow with the rest of the skin, and he just had a strange, awkward look on his face. I like this head better, because all of the skin is smoother and results in a more natural facial expression. The hair looks good for what it is, but I personally think that the author should learn how to use shaders and make the hair shiny. The head could still use some additional sharpness, though, and perhaps could stand to look slightly less pasty.

Unfortunately, Merscil did not improve the suit / tuxedo; it still looks mushy and pasty as it was before. It needs to be brighter and more distinct, which brings up another issue. When looking at this Dracula skin from the front side, there is a large contrast between the cape and the rest of him. The now all-black cape is clear and very dark, while what should be dark on the tux looks dreary and washed out.

The sounds are adequate in most cases, except that many of them are repeated, which is a waste of space, and it's missing an essential—it has no custom roll sound. A different sound, even if it's default, would have been better than Jaden's voice. I like the sounds in general though; they tend to emulate like what the stereotypical vampire sounds.

Overall this is a good skin for a halloween occassion, but without consistent quality throughout, it's not worth downloading in most cases. Good job to the author for making the face look more presentable, but try to make more improvements next time.


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Download 'draculav2.zip' (4.56MB)

Name              : Dracula-v2
Author                  : Merscil_KingArthur
Email Address           : [email protected]

Ok I just gave the Dracula model new sounds and another face: more fitting eyes for a vampire (in my opinion),
and eyebrows.His hair looks more gray but his face looks more young. The hair on the original model was 
far to low on his forhead so I made it look more natural.
The default cape is now completely black. I just wanted to reskin his face to make him look more like I thought
Dracula looks like. 

errors: If there are some errors, you can mail me and I will see what I can do. But try to uninstall the other
Dracula first if you prefere my Dracula (I don't garanty that'll work though).


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