Dragon Dueler



My first impression of this skin was not the greatest, but then I found something in the readme that did impress me. The author, SirMaroc, claims that he drew all of the artwork featured on this skin. While I would describe the dragon on the front of this skin, called Dragon Dueler, cute - it's still great that SirMaroc put time and effort into this skin. So yeah, it's not a ferocious dragon, but it doesn't have to be. The claws on back look great too.

There are team skins included here also, with only a few little things that differ from the default skin. Like the eyes. Okay, refresh my memory here ... did this model always look like he was wearing shades? I'm referring to the default skin there. In the red team skin, the eyes have a more ... um, dragon quality to them. In any case, it's an interesting concept. I'm suprised the author didn't include at least a custom taunt, but there is bot support. This isn't the greatest skin I've seen made, but it certainly is a far cry from the worst. Good job, SirMaroc, for your first skin. I look forward to seeing more from you.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No




Jedi Knight: A Modification.


Author: SirMaroc

Email: [email protected]..(no need to ask me if ya wanna 
skin this skin, go on right ahead)

NameOfFile: DragonDueler.pk3

Description: This skin was made to all those true dueler's 
out there.
I took out the breathing system because it was not all that 
amazing for the skin.
All drawing's on skin done by hand...by me.
ya thats about it.
My first Public Skin.
ALL work done BY Me.

Special thanks 2: All my buddies.

Http: www.artmperretta.250free/MainPage.htm
for more of my work.

To install: Extract the pk3 to your /gamedata/base folder 
and your ready to go.

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