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Well, you can't exactly call me a fan of Dragonball Z ... especially since I can barely tell you what Dragonball Z is. So of course I'd be...


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Well, you can't exactly call me a fan of Dragonball Z ... especially since I can barely tell you what Dragonball Z is. So of course I'd be the one to review this mod. LOL Anyway, I'm just gonna tell you about what's changed and not refer to Dragonball Z at all.

Most of what has been altered here are the weapon effects. Unfortunately, none of the weapons themselves or the names of the weapons have changed. Which I think would be something that should be considered for a second version. The effects look great, but I've heard that some of the effects can drain FPS. I didn't notice any difference (yay for my upgrade!), but you might. Also, there's melee included ... but it kinda sucks. It's pretty much the stance of whatever saber you're using, without the saber. :/ The author included a melee bot for you to play with. Meh. Oh, and if you turn on cheats, you can fly! Yup. There's a pic of it down there so, yeah.

I kind of expected more from this mod, to be honest. I was hoping to see different models as weapons and some skins and stuff. Pretty much, it's just weapon effects. Hopefully there will be an update to this mod. How accurate the mod is to Dragonball Z, I don't know. You guys tell me. :)


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Download 'dragonballzjka.zip' (1.98MB)


Title			: DBZ Mod JKA
Author			: Sanj
E-Mail			: [email protected]
Website			: none

File Name	        : \DragonballZJKA.zip

Description		: Inspired by Dragonballz i decided it was about time sumone made one. I was really disapointed no one had made on in jka so....i did one :).

Installation	 	: Place the DBZMOD_JKA folder in your GAMEDATA. DO NOT PUT IN BASE. To run mod, startup JKA and then select Dragonball Z Mod, from the Mod section. Or you could run the "JKAMP - DBZ" shortcut provided with this mod. 

Comments 		: If u are going to use this mod for any other mods please inform me via email. This is copyrighted.

Additional information  :          Attacks- 
 		     	 Bryar - simple blast + impact blast
 			 Blaster - Bakukana, Rapid Bakukana
 			 Bowaster - Larger Ki blast, + deflecting ki blast
 			 Demp2- Lightinin ki ball + shock blast
 			 Disruptor - Laser blast
			 Golan Arms -  shot-gun type blast + blast bomb
 			 Heavyrepeater- ki storm + ki bomb ( spirit bomb? u decide ;D)
 			 Concussion - power wave blast
 			 Merr-sonn(rocket) - Ultimate blast + homing blast

			 Furthermore....MELEE!...Wweell sorta :D To select melee, go to the hilt selection screen and select "HAND TO HAND".It kinda looks good when ure fighting against another person, which, by the way, you can with the bot i added :D  Go to the console after enabling cheats and type /npc spawn meleereborn
			 Now enjoy kickin its ass!
 			 Included is the ability to fly! Now when u fly, there is an aura around you.( Thanks to Shovelhead). To fly create a game with cheats, by typing devmaps before the map name in console eg /devmap mp/ffa1 . Once done go to console and type /give all . You will now have a coooool aura around you and the ability to fly by pressin the use item button in mid air after jumping.
 			 Even though this mod is meant for MP, ive fixed it so the charge up energy isnt at your leg in SP.
 			 Ive included a shortcut icon, so you can access the mod instantly.

Credits                 : A MASSIVE thanks to Shovelhead for spending his time to create an awesome DBZ Aura around the flyer
 			  A HUGE thanks to the Bid For Power Team. These guys made a kick ass DBZ type total conversion for Quake 3 and inspired me to make this mod. I borrowed some sounds, and icons from their mod. I couldnt have made this without them.                    
			  Thanks to Covax for his WBA - Weapons test mod where i got the "melee"
Known Bugs 		: The disruptor rifle shows its beam coming out of its crotch (lol).
			  The explosions for most attacks may not cause damage, such as alt attack for bryar. But think of it this way, remeber in dbz when a guy constantly fires huge blasts at someone, and then theres a huge explosion. But when the smoke clears he still left standing...Well now you can do that!
 	 		  The blasts are still called by their original gun names.


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