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I was a little on the edge with regards to the quality of this map, but viewing it as a whole rather than individual bits and details really...


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I was a little on the edge with regards to the quality of this map, but viewing it as a whole rather than individual bits and details really helps bring things into perspective. This is a clan map, which should be clear from the first couple of screenshots. As a clan map I felt I should review it more on its content and usefulness rather than its prettiness and gameplay factors.

So if I'm not mistaken, the basic premise of a clanmap is for members of a clan to get together, hang out, maybe play a bit, annoy each other as best as possible without getting booted out of the clan, and in general to run around mindlessly. Hey, I clanned, I know how it is. It was just way back in the day when clans didn't have their own maps. My how things have changed...

This map actually lends itself very well to each of the points I listed above (even the annoying each other one -- lock yourself in one of the rooms in the club and see how annoyed your clanmate is when he can't kill you! :p). It is set up in a tiered style -- the higher up you go in the tower the more there is to do. The bottom level is kind of a lounge area. By lounge I'm thinking like the lounge at the hospital. Y'know, nothing to do but sit around. It's an introductory level, featuring a spinning glowing "DS", which is actually really cool. If you head up you'll find training areas, a club, a meeting room that you apparently can't directly gain access to, and the roof contains a couple of cool teleporters that will teleport you to some dueling grounds where you can either duel your clanmates, some NPCs... or I guess you could try dueling yourself, although I don't know how that will turn out.

I only found one real bug in the map, which was one missing texture in one of the duel areas. As it turns out this is a missing texture from Jedi Outcast, so if you have JO you can fix this error yourself without much hassle. Beyond that I like the architecture, and the texturing could grow on me over time. I'm sure for clans it'd be a hit and would be great for exactly what it's meant for.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Mods: ffa, tffa, duel, powerduel


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Download 'ds_headquarter.zip' (13.29MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: |DS| Clan map: |DS| Headquarter
AUTHOR: the_darker_one
E-MAIL: the_darker_one@hotmail.com
WEBSITE: ds.clangrid.com

FILENAME: DS headquarter
FILESIZE: 13.2 mb
DATE RELEASED: 8/28/2007

CREDITS:  To any |DS| members who helped me with the ideas.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract DS headquarter.pk3 from DS headquarter.zip and send it to your Gamedata/base folder.

DESCRIPTION:(game type: FFA,team FFA,duel,power duel)This is the |DS| clan's map (H.Q.). It contains top to bottom: The roof (where you can teleport into the 2 diffrent forsets). The admin level. The chat room/bar. The dueling level. The F.F.A. level and the ground/spawning level.

BUGS / COMMENTS: It shouln't have any bugs but if you find any, let me know in the comments.


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