[DS] - Kalakar six

First impressions are not always the most important - and thank goodness for BiD-One's sake! When I first entered this map, I was quite dis...


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First impressions are not always the most important - and thank goodness for BiD-One's sake! When I first entered this map, I was quite disappointed. Apparently so much so, that I didn't even get a screenshot of where you first spawn. Well, no matter. The reason for disappointment was simply because the room was so dark, I could barely make out the Roman numerals at the top of the four doors.

Each door opens into a small, dark hallway which is lighted only occasionally by a few harsh lights. It's a short hallway, so you don't really need the light to make it to the room.

The first room I entered was a dark swamp-like outdoor area. Unfortunately, the fog was too high to make for some interesting duels in the mist. The ground is dark and the sparse lighting only seems to illuminate the plants. :/ The two statues flanking the door are kinda out of sync with their fire. I much prefer the one on the left, with the glowing firelight cast upon the statue's face.

The second room had a much colder feel to it. Harsh white lights surround a dome dueling area with a stone floor. If you take an elevator from the hall up, you'll find yourself on the second level where specators can view the duel without getting in the way.

This third room was my favorite. A seemingly unstable platform which appears to be structured of iron and glass is suspended over a pool of lava. I really like the blue lights above and the only thing that would've made this better for me would've been to have breakable glass ... hehe.

And finally, the last room here is a great hall with wall torches and some hanging from the ceiling above. I believe there is some ruin on the far side, but the room is so dark, I can barely tell.

There are a few flaws here and there in this map, but overall, I'd say this would be a great addition to a small FFA server that runs a mod which allows for multiple duels. If there were a few more rooms and the whole map had better lighting, I'd definitely add this to my server. :)

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Download 'ds_kalakarsix.zip' (1.19MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Name: [DS] - Kalakar six
Map: ds_kalakarsix.pk3
Author: BiD-One
Size: 777 kb


This is my fisrt map for Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy. Kalakar six is a average scale FFA map. The concept consists of a temple of Dark Sith Clan.
Map have 4 area + centarl start area. FPS is large so should be no problems.


Map might have some bugs. Should be a music on map but a do mystake and there is no music :).

                 Place this pk3 file from this zip archive into the JKII/gamedata/base directory

* Copyright / Permissions *
		 This map, and all the stuff that came with it are not to be modified
		 in any way without the permission of it's creators.

-BiD-One ([email protected])


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