=DtR= Ph03n1x skin

Is it just me or do the pecs on this guy look a little ... low? *shrug* Anyway, here's a reborn with a very stoic look about him. His face...


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Is it just me or do the pecs on this guy look a little ... low? *shrug* Anyway, here's a reborn with a very stoic look about him. His face is painted with red streaks - is that war paint or blood? Hmmm. Apparently in a fit of rage he ripped off his shirt to reveal all of those muscles. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but, is that a bow on his pants? I swear it looks like one. A faded tattoo on his arm is almost the same shade of his skin. Which reminds me of those tanning tattoos I used to do when I was younger. Anyone here remember those?

Anyway ... I might recommend this skin to someone who wants a reborn that isn't like, the common reborn. A few things prevent me from doing that though. No new sounds!? Not even a taunt? Bah! And no team support is included either. Worth the download? Oh, I suppose, but I'd wait for an update.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: No New Sounds: No


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Download 'ph03n1x.zip' (395KB)


Title: =DtR= Ph03n1x skin
Author: John Tinning (Tin2k1@hotmail.com) 
VISIT HTTP://www.darktideclan.net

File Name: ph03n1x.pk3
File Size: 395kb
Date Release:10/04/03

Installation: To install this skin/mod, simply put the .pk3 file into your Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy\Gamedata\base folder. To uninstall, just delete it.

Description: This is a reskin of the Reborn model, giving him a dark look, but not over the top like most reborn reskins.

Comments: Although i have skinned for a long time (since quake), this is the 1st skin i have actually released, hope you all like it!
	  I haven't added team or bot support, as I really dont think they are needed, bots aren't used much and u can use normal reborn for teams.
	  If i get enough e-mails i will add both of these at a later date.

Credits: Thanks go out to my =DtR= helpers, Xian, Red and skully, who helped me test skin, and chunky for givin me critical advice instead of sayin
	 'THATS COOL!' like most ppl :P Oh and thx to Lucasarts for making the game :P


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