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Two of the biggest additions to Jedi Academy have to be Dual Lightsabers and the Saber Staff. For most, this was enough to satisfy players,...


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Two of the biggest additions to Jedi Academy have to be Dual Lightsabers and the Saber Staff. For most, this was enough to satisfy players, but for some, they wanted more. Something more powerful. Something ... in my opinion ... that is a bit too powerful and duels just end way too quickly. RED SITH has combined dual lightsabers and the saber staff and created dual lightstaffs. It's almost impossible for anyone to penetrate the two staffs, so you almost never get hit. And the damage that the sabers cause is just huge.

Also, the author reskinned the staff saber you use for this mod. My screenshot doesn't really do it justice. You'll have to just see it in-game. So if you've always wanted dual saber staffs, now you have 'em. It's just a pk3 you drop into your base folder, but they'll need to be uploaded to a server for you to use them anyone other than your own machine. Y'know? So ... yeah.


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Download 'dual_lightstaff_mod.zip' (88KB)

Created by: Marchus Williams (a.k.a. RED SITH)
E-mail: [email protected]

File Name: Dual Lightstaff Mod

File Size: 87.5KB

INFO_1: In this mod, you still fight like you're using dual sabers, but
        instead of using dual sabers, you have 2 lightstaffs.

INFO_2: This mod originally belongs to a character I'm modeling. I
        would have waited, but modeling isn't easy. So I thouht it would
        be better to send out the file first, then my model (whenever I
        can finish it).

INFO_3: You can throw one of the lightstaffs like a standard saber, and
       also, you can throw the standard saber (when switching between
       saber styles) .

       The only thing about "throwing" your saber is that:

       A. If you're using "standard" or "staff," your saber goes
          straight, not in multiple directions.

INFO_4: I re_skinned the lightstaff_4 model. It has a robotical,
        machine look to it.

INFO_5: Certain Mods, interfere with my mod.

REASON: The reason why I made this file was because I was curious about
        if it was possible to be done or not.

BENEFITS: The benefits of this mod is that you're nearly invincible.
          You block practically anything and attack quicker too. You
          can also use the dual saber alternate attack (sabers spin
          around you). Your attacks are more fierce, and the gameplay
          is such an exciting thrill ride.

A. Place the ".pk3" file in your base folder directory
B. Play a MP (multiplayer game)

A. Delete the ".pk3" file from your base folder

How to use this mod:
A. Go to the "saber" menu (in the profile menu)
B. Click "Dual Sabers"
C. Scroll down and click on "Dual Lightstaff" under "HILT" and "HILT2"

Note: You can also select the "dual_lightstaff" in the "Standard Saber"
      selection. Only, it works just like a standard saber and not a

Other Info:
A. When performing attacks, the blade goes through you. You don't take
   any damage or get hurt.

B. If you  loose your saber, you can still use the other one in your
   left hand.

Other Mods:
Saber Menu Revised - [works]

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