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Okay, so when I first saw this I thought: "Ooh nifty!". Alas. It's not that nifty. First off, it's a script for single player. Not multi...


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Okay, so when I first saw this I thought: "Ooh nifty!". Alas. It's not that nifty. First off, it's a script for single player. Not multiplayer. And it only switches between dual sabers and the staff saber. It doesn't even cover the single saber! If you're going to have a saber change script, then have it cover all of the sabers! So anyways, this is only for single player, so that's just something that you should know. It's not that hard to make saber scripts, so I think that if you really wanted one, you could make your own. But for you lazy singleplayer people who just randomly want a script that lets them switch between dual sabers and the saber staff, then this is for you.


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Download 'swordfuse.zip' (2KB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Dual Sabers <-> Saberstaff switch
AUTHOR: Mikaeru (AKA. Akunaeru and Zuruaku)
E-MAIL: zuruaku@gmail.com

FILENAME: swordfuse.cfg
FILESIZE: 290 bytes
DATE RELEASED: 31 May 2006

The creators of this game! The engine they've made is the most interesting of any engines yet in my opinion.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract the contents of the .zip file into your gamedata\base\ folder. If you already have a custom (read: edited) autoexec.cfg , then open both the old one and the one in the .zip in notepad and copy the contents of the one in the .zip into your new one.
Then simply start up the game and whenever you want to switch between these two (or into any of these two in case you have some other saber equipped), push the V button.
You can bind this to any other button by opening the console and typing:
bind <key> &quot;vstr Swordfuse&quot;
bind Q &quot;vstr Swordfuse&quot;
You can also switch V in the Swordfuse.cfg into whatever button you want it to be and restart the game.

DESCRIPTION: This mod will allow you to instantly switch between dual sabers and saberstaff by simply pressing a button (default V).
To edit what sabers you will be dualweilding, what saberstaff you will have and the color of the beams, simply open the swordfuse.cfg and replace the names of the sabers with the names of the sabers you want to switch them with (not the names like Avenger, but the names like single_4, dual_3 etc.
By default in the script, single_1 is your righthand saber, single_2 is your lefthand saber. dual_2 is the saberstaff.
To edit the colors, replace the colors for the specified sabers in the file.
By default, &quot;blue&quot; is the color of the saber in your right hand, &quot;green&quot; is the one in your left hand, &quot;red&quot; is the color for the first beam of the saberstaff (the one that's usually up) and &quot;purple&quot; is the color for the second beam(although the color for the second beam can't be set here,so the beam won't be purple or any other color you set it to anyway. I'm leaving it like this for the sake of the script being more &quot;complete&quot;

BUGS: The color of the second beam of the saberstaff is seemingly uncontrollable and as such, it randoms it's color when you switch to it.

COMMENTS: This can be pretty interesting to play around with. Don't forget that by changing your stance with any of the two weapon combinations, you can use fast stance too.
You can switch weapon in the middle of an attack. Spinning a saberstaff in circles around you anyone?


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