Duel At The Imperial Base

First maps don't always have to be terrible. This is another first map...and it actually doesn't fail. It does need some work, but I find it...


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File Description

First maps don't always have to be terrible. This is another first map...and it actually doesn't fail. It does need some work, but I find it impressive that the author claims they created it in 8 hours.

So, this is a recreation of the front of an imperial base. Not overly exciting, I will admit, but not too bland, either. The readme states it is inspired by a location from MovieBattles. I don't know how accurate it is, but judging by the simple architecture, I'm sure it is quite different.

The map is pretty small, as a duel map should be - it consists of a walkway and some stairs leading up to the entry of an imperial base. This is set in a hole in the ground, with a door on the backside, implying that there is more behind all the rocks.

Honestly, I can say that I like this. However, I would suggest a few things to work on for future projects: first off, use curve patches for your pipes. It sounds scary at first, but you can make much more realistic piping out of cylinders than you can out of brushwork. Not only that, but it's nicer on the FPS. Second, your skybox isn't flush with the rest of the map. You definitely need to fix the gaps between the skybox and the terrain, because I was able to fall into a few places and get stuck.

Overall opinion: Not a bad start at all. Keep going, take a little more time, get your skills up and I'm sure you'll do even better with your next map.

New textures: Yes New sounds: No New music: No New models: No


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Duel At The Imperial Base

Autor		:  Darth-Vad3r
e-mail		:  adam_mharthi@hotmail.com

Mapname		:  Duel At The Imperial Base
Filename	         :  duel_imp_base.zip
Filesize	         :  ~7,75 MB
Releasedate	:  01.2008

Gametypes	         :  Duel Powerduel

Buildtime	         :  8 hours
Compiletime	:  30 minutes
Betatester	:  --

Brush	count	: 698
Entitie	count	: 86

Botsupport	: No
New textures	: Yes
New music	         : No(default JKA)
New models	: No(default JKA)

This is my first map.
It's was insprired from the base on tatooine.(seen in Moviebattles)
I really liked the base so wanted to make the base my self.
Now that I now how to map and all those things, I'm planning to
release more maps this year, they will be even better than this map.

A short list of the maps I'm planning to make:

Naboo swamps
Tatooine Mos eisley
Dune Sea(Darth Maul's Attack)
Geonosis Arena
This is a short list of the mappack I'm planning to make for 2009

Simply put the .pk3 file into the base folder

Legal stuff
You are allowed to use textures and/or shaders for your own projects -
But give some credits if your using them.

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