Duel Fall Revised



when I reviewed the previous version of this map back in 2009 and I can say that StarGateSG_1's skills have vastly improved! The first versions of this map had an interesting concept, but were still fairly primitive in their construction and architecture. This map on the other hand looks great! It seems to be in the crater of a volcano; the rock walls are very natural looking and the hovering platforms are now levitating rocks which also natural... their shape I mean, ahem, real rocks do not actually levitate of course!Or do that? Some people say that vibrating a stone at a certain frequency can cause it to levitate, though unfortunately there has never been any proof put forward for that. Shame, floating rocks could be quite useful in the real world too!Anyway, this map is all around a massive improvement on the last version, the difference between night and day I would say. The red lighting from the lava below is very atmospheric and there is some great music to compliment the map as well! As with the last version, some of the levitating platforms break when jumped or fallen upon, so watch your step!As far as improvements to this version go, I would suggest making the map a little bit bigger and maybe making some of the hovering rocks a little larger too as well as making them a little more rounded as they are still a bit too square at the moment! Other than that I would suggest making a rounded opening at the top of the map rather than a rectangular one, as that just does not look natural or fit with the nice rock walls. A good method to use would be to make a cylinder in Radiant, then go to curve matrix invert, to get the texture on the inside of the cylinder, and then just stretch to fit! But that's just a suggestion!There was only one bug, and that is that the levelshot doesnt work! This is because it is not the right size; level shots need to be 512x512 or 1024x1024 etc. for them to work, so all you need to do is just resize the picture.Overall a nice duel map here with some great music too, keep up the good work StarGateSG_1 your skills have certainly improved! :)New Textures: NoNew Sounds: NoNew Music: YesBot Routes: YesGame Types: Duel, Power Duel~Nozyspy~***The main download link at the bottom of the page is currently not working! Please download from here instead!***


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