Duel Lair of Ragnos



Back in the saddle and ready to ride, christmas charms are at my side. When lo behold I map I saw, reviewed it hoping to be awed.

Instead, this wonderful rendition of the (often over-used) Ragnos' (insert area here) map brings you to the wonderful world of not being able to see where you are fighting. Surprisingly, I could only find one critical flaw in the map's structure in the form of a huge hole on the underside of a specific part (that you probably couldn't see unless you fell down anyway).

Delving into the map's specifics, it is 3 basic rooms connected together. The main area is a bridge (very small, you could cross it in a jump) over a lava pit, where the effects are lovely but as I said...poorly designed. The best course for a duel map in this case would be to widen and lengthen the bridge to give some room for fighting. The disease that this map suffers from the most is the lack of space to get any competent dueling done. And if you aren't struggling to hit your opponent, you are reaching for the flashlight in the amazingly dark areas of the map. The main area has two lead-offs which lead to the remaining two parts of the map.

One area is a dark room with foreboding chairs and torches (the larger of the rooms) and the other is a jail-cell room (at least that's what it looked like).

All in all, I would have liked to have seen better ambient lighting in the map, as well as more space to fight. This map is great for dueling if you're an Oompa Loompa, but lack of any fluidity to the duels you have really take away from the edge of this one.

- Chrono

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File name: Duel_Lair_of_Ragnos
long name: Duel Lair of Ragnos

installation: put the Duel_Lair_of_Ragnos.pk3 into ure gamedata/base folder

now u all should have know it..

Comments: I made this map really good in beggining but i got a bug i need to find out how to get rid off
its the small thin white stripes in corners, walls etc. (u must have noticed) i really myself like the
big room very dark, it has a good lighting i think.. but still the damn white stripes...
but this is only a beta, and im trying to get it to work i know a friend who maybe can help.
and i then will come with a good clean version (hopefully i come with one.. i suppose so)
it s not good to hide that i where inspired a little from the ffa map named something with 
Ethernal Lair Of Ragnos Dicibles (or something)
but now this comments has been long enough hope u enjoy this and look 
forward to the NOT beta version.. have a good play time... ;)

Creators: Jadocore

Dont copy this map and say u made it (i bet u even dont want to if ya know.. its only a beta)

note: its my first duel map and second map in all...

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