Duel Turbulent

One thing that I really like to come across in reviewing is a really good map by an author I’ve never heard of. See, cause when I find out...


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One thing that I really like to come across in reviewing is a really good map by an author I’ve never heard of. See, cause when I find out it gives me a new mappers work to watch for. And that’s always such fun for me. Anyways that is just the case for this map. Call Duel Turbulent, by Gonk, this is one of the best maps I’ve seen in quite a while. The details and architecture on this map are so great, it could easily pass for professional work. The map itself isn’t that big, it’s a small outside hangar area, on a world somewhat reminding me of Theed, however everywhere there are details. Not real tiny eye candy type details (which I also like BTW) but the sort of detail you find in a Raven map. Another great thing about this map is that it creates a whole new theme. A temperate style world. There are new textures, new shaders, and a new skybox. This map is great enough to have been part of the real game. It has every part a map needs and I found no bugs at all. Anyways great job Gonk, I really hope to see more work out of you. 10/10 ~DeathBringer

New Texture: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes Game Type: Duel

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Download 'duel_turbulentv11.zip' (3.61MB)


Title:		Duel Turbulent
Author:		Gonk
E-Mail:		[email protected]
Website:	http://www.jedilegacy.net/gonk/
Version:	1.1

File Name:	duel_turbulent.pk3
File Size:	3.6 MB
Date Released:	3 Dec 2003



A quick little duel map inspired in part by Dantooine in Knights of the Old Republic. My first (released) map for Jedi Academy.

Gametypes:	Duel and Power Duel

Brush Count:	356
Entity Count:	144
Tools:		GtkRadiant, q3map2, NotePad
Extras:		A good amount of custom textures, and custom shaders.



I wanted to get a damned map out this year. My last one (Duel Abyss for JO) was released in October 2002. Damn procrastinating. I whipped this sucker up in about a day or two...

Version: 1.1 Fixed a stupid texture error that only affected a few people.. Didn't turn up at ALL with the beta testers...



	Simply place duel_turbulent.pk3 in your base folder. That's it!


Credits and thanks:

	All of the custom textures were made by Zuljin. Zully = win.
	The excellent Jedi Starfighter model was done by Zymotico.
	The #cantina_cloud for giving me a reason to slack off.
	Pretty much anyone hanging out in the #cc for feedback.
	ydnar and all the people at the Quake 3 world LE forum and the Splash Damage Q3Map2 support forum for much 		help with shader oddities. (Also many thanks to ydnar for the super happy awesome q3map2.)
	The whole GTKRadiant crew for saving us from the horrors of crash-happy qeradiant.
	Raven for Jedi Academy.
	George Lucas for Star Wars.
	And where in the hell would I be if it weren't for porn?


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