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Duke Nukem…certainly a famous computer game character. However, unfortunately, one that I really know absolutely nothing about! Other than t...


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Duke Nukem…certainly a famous computer game character. However, unfortunately, one that I really know absolutely nothing about! Other than that he has dark glasses, large muscles and seems to have a penchant for smoking cigars (smoking is bad for your health, don’t do it!).

Other than that I don’t really know much about the character, though I am reading the Wikipedia article on him as I am writing this! Therefore it is better if I judge this skin on its own merits.

So, lets start off.

Firstly this should probably more correctly be called a skin pack, since along with the main skin and its two team skins, there is also a second skin, this however doesn’t have team skins which is a little disappointing. All the skins adequately show this guys terrifyingly huge muscles and a nice touch is that the team skins aren’t just re-coloured versions of the default skin, but rather completely different skins in their own right. The main default skin is fairly simple, he is basically just wearing a pair of pants, showing off his fearful muscles on his upper half. :eek:

The red team skin has him wearing a slightly different pair of trousers and some upper body armour. The blue team skin is again completely different, this time with a sleeveless jacket and camouflage pants. Whilst I really like the idea of completely different team skins, the problem here is that since there are no red or blue hints of colour, it isn’t easy to remember exactly which belongs to which team.

Now onto the extra skin (which is contained in its own .pk3 file). This version of Duke Nukem features a bright red vest, and a huge bandoleer of bullets. Normally you would expect this kind of feature to be part of the model, but since all of these skins are based of the Punisher model by Matt-Liell, the ammo bandoleer is part of the textures. Considering this kind of thing would usually be part of the model, the author has done a good job with the texturing here! :)

A good job has also been done with the texturing of the muscles on the chest, although I think this should be improved a bit for next time, as the textures don’t seem to match up properly in some places. The head could also do with some more work, but as the author says, this is still only a Beta! Another thing to work on for next time are the sounds, although there is a new taunt sound I also think some custom death, injury, etc. sounds would be cool as well.

All in all though good work here, this is a file which I am sure fans of Duke Nukem will enjoy.

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support:Yes Team Support: Yes


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Download 'duke_nukem.zip' (3.11MB)

Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy

Title: Duke Nukem
Author: Xin
E-Mail: [email protected]

File Name: Duke Nukem

Date Released: 10/6/08

Credits: Matt-Liell for the model 

Installation Instructions: All you need to do after you download this 
file is extract the pk3 file into your gamedata/base folder and your set.

Description: it's Duke Nukem who doest know who Duke Nukem is lol?
i added a few costumes i saw in the many Duke Nukem games i played before such as Zero Hour 
land of the babes and so on i dont think there is a part of this skin i didnt retexture in some way

Comments: couldnt even find a skin of duke nukem so started to make my own tho this is only a beta
no where near done yet
im thinking of makeing a Duke Nukem TC so if anyone wants to help me with this Email me

Bugs: Parts of the skin dont match up to well and teh face and hair along with 
i need to find a way to give him sunglasses =p no idea how im gonna do that without makeing a new model
and the model it self has it's own problems but i cant fix those seeing as how 
im to lazy to learn to model (at least im honest)

and no other model i know of can really fit Duke Nukem


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