Dxun Ordo

There are files that are difficult to accurately review. There are 2 basic forms of description, objective and subjective. Most of the time,...


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There are files that are difficult to accurately review. There are 2 basic forms of description, objective and subjective. Most of the time, reviews are of the second kind. This form does not really describe the object, mentioning every part of it, but instead focuses on the parts that are evry easy to spot, ones that you are not going to miss. Unfortunately, this skin has none.

Let's compare this with cars (I'm a little bit affected by two of my classmates, car "experts", who I spent a week in England with) - people buy them for various reasons. Most of the time, vehicles with no real points of interests are bought, because of the money factor. However, people who can afford more tend to buy cars that are truly impressive, ones that you cannot mistake with any other. Think of all those Ferrari and Porsche types.

In JA, the money factor disappears. Everyone can "afford" any skin they like and are only limited by their taste and the skins or models "produced". And we get to the very gist of this review. Why should anyone use this skin, one that doesn't really stick out of the whole bunch of mandalorian skins? A simple recolor does not make the model much more interesting. Sorry, but you have to define the skin more, give it a character, make it original and unique.

Take this as a message, modders. It's alright to personalize your skins. But take a look at them first. Ask yourselves - if people see this skin, will they immediately recall its name, its author and the skin itself? If you can truly tell yourself that "yes", go ahead, your skin is ready to be judged. If you honestly cannot, take a look at it and ask yourself: "Now, what would make this different..?"


Bot Support: No NPC Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: No

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This is a skin I made, it is a gold/yellowish mandalorian,
 its a reskin of Neomarz's jango fett model. This is version one.
It does not include new sounds, it is just a skin. No bot support.
No team skins.

Skin Creator: Furry_Rodian
Skin Name: Dxun Ordo
Email: Furry_Rodian@yahoo.com
Credit: Neomarz for model, and lucasarts for rights.

Errm, enjoy!

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