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Considering this map REALLY didn't have too much added onto it, in my opinion, my previous r...


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Considering this map REALLY didn't have too much added onto it, in my opinion, my previous review still applies:

Ah yes -_o Worr Sonn, somewhat known for his sporadic RP maps, has submitted to us his final masterpiece. Most interesting had to be the first paragraph in his readme:

Quote:This map accurately personifies who I am and what I stand for, I hope that every player that steps onto this digital realm can appreciate the beauty and serenity provided by this digital environment.

O_o apparently he lives in Old Japan and is personified by mixing Star Wars into it. ._. Oh well, guess it's no better than a necromancer prancing about, dragging corpses around and doing nefarious things of nefarity.

If my previous tirade did not clue you in, I was, of course, referring to the map's oriental architecture. Case in point, the exteriors are nothing short of amazing. Apparently, he was not kidding when he said he poured his heart and soul out. The exteriors are definitely almost exactly like a really sexy Japanese exterior @[email protected];. There are basic RP areas, the bar area being a wonderful area, as it somehow reminded me of Kill Bill's House of Blue Leaves. Don't ask me why =_O. There are a number of areas in the palace and what not. There is a medical area, some small apartments, and a grasslands area somewhere outside the village area.

Most disappointing had to be the pagodas. While the pagoda's structure itself was enticingly beautiful, I believe he could have used more of the pagoda's upper floors for more apartments. Case in point, only the first floor was usable. Just seems like a shame to waste all that space =_=. The Palace felt slightly empty with all those duel arenas around, and didn't have quite an RP quality to them. The medical and weapon areas didn't feel too shop-like, I suppose. Last concern had to be the random Ebon Hawk parked in the middle of the village O_o; what, pray tell, was the deal with that? Oh well, I daresay I will not find out any time soon =_=.

Overall, I could say it could be good for a basic average RP. Otherwise, I would use it for malevolence and dominate it within a week. I have spoken my piece, NOW YOU MUST SUBMIT BANDWIDTH OR ELSE WRITHE IN A PIT OF ACID.

Before I go on, Averus must make it known that he tends to judge RP maps on a much higher standard in terms of content and plausibility rather than visual appeal. I would rather live in an ugly hut that looks believable than a pretty hut that somehow has 300 rooms. Not that that particular atrocity has been committed here, per se, but I do believe the clause of plausibility has been thoroughly raped. I shall return to this later..

As I prefaced before, I can safely say that very little was added in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps it would better to say that there was little added that ENHANCED the content of the map. First off, an additional pagoda was added in the city, once again sporting a whopping one room instead the 4-7 that might have been possible. Oh, and even you can tell the space was wasted because the texture disappears when you look to the city from the courtyard, as an additional bug. There was a small aquaduct of sorts that was practically dropped in there next to the crashed TIE Fighter in the middle of this Japanese city. In the grassy area, there is a crystal cave with a 95% rectangular entrance. The cave itself was fine, but the passage just sort of killed the natural factors off. Averus convinced himself that the place was purposely mined =_=.

Finally, Averus gets to the part that pretty much ruined the maps theme. Let me start by saying that I was being nice when I failed to mention Worr Sonn's modernized 20th century room with an incredibly oversized bed located in the middle of a Feudal Era Japanese mansion. Hell, I could have even overlooked the ships that were parked/crashed in the city. However, the theme received a royal kick in the anus WITH THE ADDITION OF A SCI-FI MILITARY BASE IN THE MIDDLE OF A JAPANESE PALACE.

Don't get me wrong, the base itself was somewhat well done. It had only two major things I noticed. First, there was one misaligned texture on the back of a door in the storage area. Second, I found the medical bay to be very...unrealistic. I know my bacta shader is broken, but regardless: if even ONE of those tubes breaks, me thinks something's going to happen...second, where's the ramp/stairs? Not all jedi get cuts and bruises >_> some lose limbs like legs...

Case in point, while the map hasn't been ruined, it hasn't exactly improved itself as an RP map either. The theme is very confused still, in my opinion. Hell, Worr may as well have put a Republic Cruiser circling overhead and a dancing Metroid throughout the streets. The latter would at least earn him personal bonus points from me. Oh well, I rest my case. If this map still piques your interests, then I will not stop you from submitting bandwidth =_=.

Additional screenshots available on previous version





New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye

- Averus Retruthan

P.S. - Bonus points to barter for your lives to those who can identify the joke reference that I threw in that screenshot out of boredom.

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Map Name: Eathdor 2
Author : Matt 'Worr Sonn' Canei
E-Mail : [email protected]
Website :

File Name :
File Size: ~30.3MB
Date Released : December 13th, 2007

Second Version Notes: The upgrade was organized into 3 phases

Phase 1: Re-working of all brushwork and level detail throughout the map on all interior and exterior buildings.
Phase 2: Implementation of the Crystal Cave and Military Palace Bunker
Phase 3: Public Beta Testing/Bug Fixes

Notes: After a summer of grinding away at last my final quake 3 masterpiece has come into fruition. I poured my heart and soul into all of the 10000+ brushes and entities.
This map accurately personifies who I am and what I stand for, I hope that every player that steps onto this digital realm can appreciate the beauty and serenity provided by this digital environment.

A Special Thanks to FoX1 for the borrowing of his gorgeous textures from the bushido map set.

An Additional Thanks to Liam Grievous for the some models and street texture.

Description: Large RP map with a city, forest, estate, large palace, and military base... 

The usual RP areas exist (cantina, office, apartments, medical center, weapons store, etc...)

New Skins: NO
New Sounds: YES
New Effects: Yes
New Models: Yes 
Bot Routes: YES
New Textures: YES

Total map design time: 4 Months for Version 1 - 2 Months for Version 2
Machine Designed on: Custom PC - Core Quad 2.85ghz - 4GB Ram - GeForce 8800GTX 768MB Superclocked, 500 GB HD

* How to install * 

Just extract eathdor2.pk3 in GameData/base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual 
Multiplayer MODS. 

* Copyright / Permissions * 

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