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I get all excited when I see a KotOR-inspired map because, well, let's face it. The Knights of the Old Republic series is awesome. However t...


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I get all excited when I see a KotOR-inspired map because, well, let's face it. The Knights of the Old Republic series is awesome. However this map left me a little confused, actually. I can see parts that look like the Ebon Hawk, but overall it just... isn't.

Let's start out with the lighting, because that really killed the map. The Ebon Hawk shouldn't be grey. A lot of this is due to the fact that the interior is very bright. Strange, since it's supposed to be "broken" for lack of a better term. Things are laying all over the place and areas are sparking, but I guess all the power got shunted into the lighting system.

The next thing that really makes it not look like the Ebon Hawk is the layout. It tries to mimic the original, but it's just not working. The side quarters look more like storage rooms, and the curving corridors have been squared off. They curved because they followed the shape of the ship, so to see them squared really ruins the entire feel of the ship. The accuracy needed to make this a really good map just isn't there, which is really a shame. Unfortunately I'd say to have this map truly be what it is supposed to it would probably need to be redone from scratch, because I can't see any modifications to this map bringing it to the standard which is should be reaching for.

I've included some comparison shots if you're not sure or can't remember what the ship should actually look like.

New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No


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Download 'ebonhawk_rp.zip' (6.33MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Ebon Hawk RP
AUTHOR: The Exile
E-MAIL: l-the-exile-l@hotmail.com
WEBSITE: bbaclan.com/bba


FILENAME: ebonhawk.pk3
FILESIZE: ~ 6.5 mb


CREDITS: BioWare, for the textures used in the map, Lucasarts for both JK3
and Knights of the Old Republic, and -TFB-Recishu for beta testing.


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Locate your Base folder, open up ebonhawk.zip, and 
drag ebonhawk.pk3 into your Base folder. Easy enough. 


DESCRIPTION: The Ebon Hawk was Davik Kang's flagship at the time of about 
4,000 BBY. It is a small cargo ship meant for smuggling and passengers alike.
This map portrays it as is during the start of Knight of the Old Republic 2: 
The Sith Lords: it is in disrepair with many floorboards displaced and 
lights gone out. 


BUGS: None as of yet.


COMMENTS: Before you start criticizing me for it, I am quite aware that the 
ceiling is very low >_> The map is very small and ONLY meant for RPGs. There 
is no way in the world that you could Duel, FFA, or CTF on a map so small 
and cramped, and so I didnt even bother to include bot support. The main 
thing I was focusing on whilst making this map was detail, and in my opinion 
I did a good job on that, with this only being my second map ever. There are 
three smuggler's compartments in the map, two on the floor and one that can 
only be opened by slashing/shooting it. All three are very cramped but good 
for hiding, like all smuggler's compartments should be. Anyways, if you look 
out into space fomr inside the cockpit, you will just barely be able to make 
out the EH's wings, but they are poorly lit and not very visible due to there 
not being very many light sources in space. Well go ahead and try out the map, 
and happy RPing ^_^



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