Here Toxious brings us his latest skin, a reskin of the JKA Saboteur model, entitled; Eclipse.

Basically the saboteur skin has been re-co...


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Here Toxious brings us his latest skin, a reskin of the JKA Saboteur model, entitled; Eclipse.

Basically the saboteur skin has been re-coloured so that his main body / clothes are white with a slight blue hint here and there, and his skin is jet-black.

Now before any of you start complaining ‘oh he has just inverted the colours that’s all’ let me say that that isn’t actually true. The colours have been changed more substantially than that. I tried inverting the textures for the saboteur skin, and you don’t get anything like these colours. So obviously the author has put quite a bit of work into getting the right colour combination here.

As he explains in his readme, the reason for the colouring is so that the skin has the colour theme of an eclipse.

This obviously explains the black skin, and also it does go well with the white clothes, since during an eclipse you will notice that the Sun’s corona shines around the edge of the moon in a bright white light. You can see what I mean if you look at the screenshot the author included below. The black face is like the darkened moon, and the white clothes are like the Sun’s corona. I think this was a very clever idea! :)

Personally I like this colour theme, the white and blue hints go especially well together, and the black skin provides a sharp contrast.

I must say though, that I find the jet-black skin to be a little creepy. :P That’s probably because you cant actually make out any of the features on his face, since head on his face just looks completely flat black (with the exception of his eyes of course!).

There are a few things I think could be improved upon. Although the white and black colour scheme does in fact represent the kind of colour theme from an eclipse (white corona around the black disk of the moon) some people may find the choice of names confusing. Usually when something is called ‘Eclipse’, for example the Super Star Destroyer Eclipse from the expanded universe, the object is more often than not completely black. This seems to be because the word ‘Eclipse’ seems to go well with the idea of stealthiness or darkness. Because of this some people might feel the colour scheme isn’t right for this kind of skin.

Personally, though I think the it was appropriate to include the white, I think the white with the blue hints to it would lend itself more to a skin with an ice or snow theme to it.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be team support with this skin. I think its always important to include team support with your skin, since, although people may not use the team skins that often, its always good to give people the choice.

All in all though, a decent skin here, so good work Toxious. Keep up with the skinning because I would like to see more files from you! :)

So if you like the look of it, then give it a download!

New Sounds: Yes (the normal saboteur sounds have been changed to another Base JKA soundset, from a Jedi I think). Bot Support: No Team Support: No


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Download '' (801KB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Eclipse
AUTHOR: Toxious/Hydra Assault Skin Team

FILENAME: Eclipse.pk3 
FILESIZE: Approx. 800kb


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Go to my computer, C drive, program files, lucasarts, jedi academy, game data, base, and paste the pk3 files you want into the base folder.

DESCRIPTION: A re-skin of the saboteur model. I've done a complex re-coloring and colors the faces and hands black so that the skin has the color theme of an eclipse. 

BUGS: None that I know of. 

COMMENTS: Skins made my Toxious and/or Hydra Assault Skin Team. I hope the skins are to your liking, and you enjoy them. DO NOT USE THESE SKINS IN ANY MODIFICATION.


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