Almost a couple of weeks ago, Toxious brought us his Eclipse skin, which I reviewed at the time. I thought it was a good skin, based off a c...


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Almost a couple of weeks ago, Toxious brought us his Eclipse skin, which I reviewed at the time. I thought it was a good skin, based off a clever idea of using the colour theme of an eclipse, but I felt that there could be some improvements. Now, building upon last time, he brings us v2 of his Eclipse skin, with some major additions!

Lets start with the main skin first of all. This time around the skin features a shader, which makes it shiny. You have to be careful with shiny skins, because if you do them well, they look great. But if you don’t do them just right, they don’t always look particularly good. However I feel that in this instance, the shiny effect on the skin is well done and I like how it looks. Added to the chest of the skin is a small picture of the moon eclipsing the sun, which fits very nicely with the theme of the skin.

This time around we also have team skins, but not your usual red and blue re-colours mind you. Once again, both skins are shiny, which again does look effective. The red team skin is gold, with what looks to be a setting (or rising) sun on the back of the skin. The blue team skin is a striking purple colour, this time with the crescent of the moon on the back of the skin, again fitting in well with the sun / moon eclipse theme. All in all both the team skins and the default skin look great! :)

There are still a few things that could be improved upon however. Like last time one of my concerns is that the skins don’t contain any custom sounds. The default saboteur sounds seem to have been changed to one of the Jedi trainer sounds, but it still would be cool if there were some new custom sounds in there. Not necessarily voice sounds, but perhaps just ‘celestial’ type sounds, like choir voices, a twinkle, the kind of things that are usually associated with space, planets, the heavens and such.

Another thing that would be good to include is bot support, but that isn’t anything major, since a lot of custom skins do not come with that.

All in all though a very nice set of skins here, improved quite a lot from last time around. So if you guys like the look of this skin, then give it a download! :)

New Sounds: Yes (the normal saboteur sounds have been changed to another Base JKA soundset, from a Jedi I think). Bot Support: No NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes


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Download '' (551KB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Eclipse v2
AUTHOR: Toxious/Hydra Assault Skin Team

FILENAME: Eclipsev2.pk3 
FILESIZE: Approx. 800kb


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Go to my computer, C drive, program files, lucasarts, jedi academy, game data, base, and paste the pk3 files you want into the base folder.

DESCRIPTION: v1 Description: A re-skin of the saboteur model. I've done a complex re-coloring and colors the faces and hands black so that the skin has the color theme of an eclipse. 
v2 Description: Basically the same theme. I have added shaders, team support, and npc support. On the back I've also made an eclipse. On the front, I have a sun almost being blocked out.
The red team skin is in the theme of the sun/sunrise. The blue team is the theme of the night. To spawn it, type in: /npc spawn eclipsev2.

BUGS: None that I know of. 

COMMENTS: Skins made my Toxious and/or Hydra Assault Skin Team. I hope the skins are to your liking, and you enjoy them. DO NOT USE THESE SKINS IN ANY MODIFICATION.


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