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Good news about this effects mod - it's only version 1.0. So if you find anything you dislike about the mini-mod, or maybe you have suggest...


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Good news about this effects mod - it's only version 1.0. So if you find anything you dislike about the mini-mod, or maybe you have suggestions for improvements, chances are the author will listen to what you want. No sounds were changed - these are all just visual effects. The screenshot shows you all of the changes. The weapons' effects have changed quite a bit, from camera shakes to bigger explosions, color changes and even some force effects were changed. To really be able to form an opinion, check out the mod for yourself.


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Download 'fxmod_1_0.zip' (22KB)

Effects Mod 1.0 by Racer

Programs used:

Began July 15, 2004, finished July 17, 2004.

INSTALLATION: Unzip "fxmod_1_0.pk3" to Gamedata/base.

ABOUT: I've changed most of the game's effects; some from scratch, but most 
are just color tints, more sparks, bigger shockwaves, camera shakes, etc. 
It's a bit of a refreshing appearance for JKA, and an easy download for 
everyone (all of the single .efx files in this pack take up much less space 
than this readme).

REQUEST: Leave comments with suggestions for improvements,changes, 
additions, and so on for version 1.1.

FILE--------------------------------------------- CHANGE
..Blaster/shot.efx ----------------------------- Normal red laser with blue 
electricity surrounding it.
..Blaster/npcshot.efx ------------------------ Same as shot.
..Blaster/deflect.efx -------------------------- More sparks. This affects 
a lot of deflection animations for different weapon types.
..Boba/jet.efx ---------------------------------- Blue flare, flame that 
alternates between orange and red.
..Boba/jetsp.efx ------------------------------- Same as jet.
..Boba/fthrw.efx -------------------------------- Added a red light and a 
camera shake. Decreased the final size of the flame.
..Bowcaster/deflect.efx ---------------------- More sparks.
..Bowcaster/explosion.efx ------------------ Added green sparks.
..Concussion/alt_miss.efx ----------------- Made the shockwave bigger, 
added an explosive effect, and added a camera shake.
..Concussion/shot.efx ----------------------- Made the projectile red with 
a red light around it.
..Concussion/muzzle_flash.efx ----------- Tinted everything red and added 
..Concussion/explosion.efx ---------------- Tinted everything except the 
innermost flare red and added an explosion effect.
..Demp2/projectile.efx ----------------------- Changed the look of the 
electrical ball a bit, added actual electricity.
..Detpack/explosion.efx --------------------- Added shockwave and debris.
..Disruptor/alt_miss.efx -------------------- Longer-lasting spot left 
behind by a missed sniper shot, more sparks, slight camera shake for those 
..Disruptor/alt_hit.efx ------------------------ Camera shake for the one 
hit and those very close, small explosive effect with a little smoke.
..Disruptor/projectile.efx ------------------- Normal shot, tinted blue.
..Disruptor/rings.efx ------------------------- Normal rings, tinted blue.
..Disruptor/altmuzzle_flash.efx ----------- Blue flare, flash to match the 
blue projectile.
..Disruptor/muzzle_flash.efx -------------- Same as altmuzzle_flash.
..Flechette/alt_blow.efx -------------------- Normal explosion, added two 
shockwaves much like those of the old thermal detonator's.
..Flechette/alt_shot.efx --------------------- Small white bomb with red 
and white glowing parts. Trailed by black smoke.
..Flechette/shot.efx -------------------------- Fireball with black smoke.
..Flechette/wall_impact.efx --------------- Normal, but with 
randomly-colord, instead of orange, ricochet mark.
..Flechette/altmuzzle_flash.efx ---------- Red flash.
..Flechette/richochet.efx ------------------- Orange and black smoke, along 
with two shockwaves.
..Force/heal2.efx ---------------------------- Took the Force Rage effect, 
removed the black smoke, and tinted the remaining parts blue.
..Force/pushblur.efx ------------------------ Took the jumping-on-snow 
effect and tinted it blue.
..Force/lightningwide.efx ------------------ Orange/purple/red/white flare 
at hands, more blue electricity bolts and new red bolts.
..Force/lightning.efx ------------------------- Same as lightningwide.
..Melee/kick_impact.efx ------------------- Removed some of the dust and 
added a footprint decal. The decal is most visible on walls.
..Melee/kick_impact_silent.efx ---------- Same as kick_impact.
..MP/jedispawn.efx ------------------------- A bright white flash and 
randomly-colored particles bouncing around.
..MP/spawn.efx ------------------------------ Same as jedispawn, but a 
smaller flare and fewer particles.
..Repeater/projectile.efx ------------------ A tiny, white-hot dart.
..Repeater/alt_projectile.efx ------------- A small electricity ball.
..Repeater/concussion.efx -------------- A large electrical explosion with 
a wide shock wave.
..Repeater/muzzle_smoke.efx --------- Normal repeater smoke, but with 
yellow static electricity added. Static sometimes gently branches out, 
sometimes leaps to a farther point.
..Repeater/muzzle_flash.efx ----------- Blue flash to match the dart.
..Repeater/wall_impact.efx ------------ Red dart hit.
..Repeater/flesh_impact.efx ----------- Blue center, small red shock wave 
for flesh hits.
..Repeater/altmuzzle_flash.efx ------- Blue flash with blue static 
..Rocket/shot.efx -------------------------- Laser-like red trail left by 
..Rocket/explosion.efx ------------------- Normal explosion with two large 
..Saber/saber_block.efx ----------------- A lot of sparks and a shockwave 
effect like the howler in the SP game.
..Saber/saber_clash.efx ----------------- Same as saber_block.
..Saber/blood_sparks_mp.efx --------- White burst and some yellow sparks.
..Saber/blood_sparks_mp_25.efx ---- White burst and many yellow sparks.
..Saber/blood_sparks_mp_50.efx ---- White burst and many red sparks.
..Saber/saber_cut.efx --------------------- Removed white smoke and 
increased sparks.
..Thermal/explosion.efx ------------------ Longer-lasting dust, larger 
explosion, larger explosion decal, debris (rock and manmade) flies away from 
the explosion.
..Thermal/shockwave.efx ----------------- Huge, long-lasting shockwave 
..Tripmine/laserMP.efx -------------------- Bolt of electricity replaces 
the blue tripmine laser.
..Tripmine/laser.efx ------------------------ Same as laserMP.
..Tripmine/explosion.efx ------------------ Same as detpack/explosion.

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