Elite Imperial Clone Troops

My review of the first version of this mod: I just knew that little NPC generator that Leslie Judge created would be of some use...


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My review of the first version of this mod:

I just knew that little NPC generator that Leslie Judge created would be of some use to someone. Here you'll find some NPCs made using that little program with different capabilities and weaknesses. Some wield lightsabers, others carry a repeater and one of these troopers has a "light dagger" - a shorter version of a light saber. Play with 'em a bit and give some feedback here for the author of these little dudes.

This updated version of Elite NPCs you might find are a bit harder to kill. Now some of the NPCs can dodge sniper and blaster shots and one of them even wields dual pistols. Be careful with these dudes. ;)


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Download 'elite_npcs_v2.zip' (6KB)

Elite Imperial Clone Troops,
build time: 1 hour or so
Tools used: Npc tool,
Size: 4 KB

Installation: Just drop this pk3 file into
your base directory and you can spawn them
whenever you like!

Use the Npc spawn command to spawn these

The spawn names are beside the name of the
description below.

This is mod has been updated, any questions or bug reports
send me an email at jamie@netride.net 
(No capitals when using my email adress!)

Note: you can tell these troops from normal storm troopers
by their distinct blood red color.
These elite troops are prototype geneticly
engineered storm troopers... designed to be
the best of the best, These stormtroopers go
fearlessly into battle (UPDATED)
Due to new abilities they now are COMPLETELY
fearless, There are 7 types of these 

Enhanced stormtrooper (EliteA)
Designed after Darth Vaders DNA these storm
troopers have limited training in the force
ability to resist low level force push and can
jump higher than a normal storm trooper, they
are programmed to go fearlessly into battle
against any enemy that is foolish enough to
attempt to destroy them.
New intelligence suggests that this troop now
has the ability to dodge blaster shots...
Making them extremly hard to hit, they are
now more deadly than normal...

Stormbreaker (EliteB)
These stormtroopers are designed for reinforcing
defensive lines and providing cover fire for the
Enhanced stormtroopers. Equipped with a repeater
rifle they are the mobile equivilent of a defense
turret, Like its lower comrade they have limited
training in the force. They share the same weak-
nesses. There is also a rocketlauncher wielding
equivilent of this trooper (EliteD) as well.
New intelligence suggests that this troop now
has the ability to dodge blaster and sniper
shots... These troops now have a extremely
high threat level

Stormleader (EliteC)
Concentrating more on smartness to lead their 
troops into battle, these troops rely more 
on the genetic memory of Darth Vader,
They have the ability to wield the light sword
(longer equivilent of a lightsaber)and have 
more training in the force.

These are stormtroopers designed for melee combat,
Thus having much more training in the force.
They are Absolutely fearless... They can't feel
pain (some reports say) and are programmed to
automaticly deflect incoming projectiles with its
deadly Lightdagger (shorter equivilent of the light

We have little info about this deadly trooper as
many have not been able to collect much data about
it, We know that this trooper is based on a mandolorian
with force-sensitive DNA... Due to many casualties
because of this one trooper, the rebels have dubbed
this horrid creation... The Destroyer.
New intelligence suggests that this troop is
based off of what little genetic data Jango 
Fett has left behind. This almost perfected 
clone wields dual pistols.

Note: Due to the lack of time to completely 
prepare the Destroyer, he has no jet pack
and has a regular set of mandalorian armor.

Credit goes to:
Lucas arts for making such a great game!
Developers of Jedi academy for providing skins and models for a base of my npcs.
Kal El and Leslie Judge for making the NPC tool to help me easily create my npcs.

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