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Okay, the author here thinks that by changing the cyan lines to white the skin blends into the snow more. Forget that it's still covered in...


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File Description

Okay, the author here thinks that by changing the cyan lines to white the skin blends into the snow more. Forget that it's still covered in red, blue, and orange. Other than that, it seems the only real changes here are the addition of BOT and NPC support, as well as the changing of the sounds to those of the hazardtrooper. I still don't see what's "elite" about this...

Since nothing much has changed here, I find it most prudent just to quote the version 1 review:

Well, this certainly is an interesting skin. It's basically the red team skin of the snowtrooper painted over with paintbrush with random colors and designs. Personally, cyan and orange wouldn't have been my first choice of colors to go with red and grey. I have to give him credit, though. Even though it's completely tacky looking, he didn't just try to paint over the whole thing with paintbucket. Then again, assuming a few lines of mismatching color make a snowtrooper "elite" is a stretch. You always assume the "elite" soldiers have the really cool looking uniforms, not the uniforms that scream "SHOOT ME!" because they stand out in the snow like a sore thumb.

The team skins are simply the team skins for the snowtrooper with nothing changed. No other extras of any kind. My advice: come up with something creative an interesting for your next skin. Don't just paint random lines on it.

Maybe we could get a little something more than a scribbled-on skin in the future? After all, I don't see how a red scribbled-on snowtrooper is "elite", unless of course it's in his ability to avoid being shot in the head since he sticks out of the snowy landscape like a sore thumb.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No New Sounds: No NPC Support: Yes


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Elite_SnowTrooper Readme
For JK3

Author: {}+=E1025=+{} 

My MSN: scottwarrior@passport.com

File Name: Elite_SnowTrooperV2

New sounds: YES
Team support: No
Bot support: YES
NPC suport: YES

Installation Instructions

1)Look for the Elite_SnowTrooperV2.pk3

2)Extract the Elite_SnowTrooperV2.pk3 into the 
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base directory

3)Start up jk3

4)Join a game or make a game

5)Hit Esc ingame

6)Go to profile

7)There will be all the charaters,look for the Elite_SnowTrooper skin in the list

8)Click it twice then apply changes

9)Enjoy my skin

The second Elite_snowtrooper. the changes are the cyan lines are now white and shiny! (thanks hopos) by doing
this my skin now blends into the snow more. The sounds are from the hazard trooper in v3 there will be a
better death sounds i think if i can do it...

NPC support
yay my skin has npc support frist go in game be a admin with npc spawning ability or do devmapall <mapname>
or go into single player and helpusobi 1 

and type in the cheat box thing /npc spawn e1snowtroop
and you can also type 		/npc spawn e1snowtrooper
there is no diffrence between the 2  


1)The cape it only works when facing a Elite_snowtrooperV2 not when being one

2) bot support only works in solo games in mp

3) i can't change the icon with out the skin not working i need help on this

4) you may have to delete the last version or put it some where elese to make v2 work(the icon again :()

*VaS*hopos for helping me with the new skin and the bot support! thanks!

i tested it out Inyri! *the uniforms that scream "SHOOT ME!" because they stand out in the snow like a sore thumb* i tested this out on the map hoth2 and it doesn't stick out like a swore thumb :D lol

Legal things
I made this skin. No one else did
If your going to use this skin in mods or movies e-mail me frist and put me in the credits ty


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