Emperor Kisu (Guild Wars)

Well, personally I have never played Guild Wars, but the game has occasionally caught my eye. After seeing this skin submission I took the l...


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Well, personally I have never played Guild Wars, but the game has occasionally caught my eye. After seeing this skin submission I took the liberty of learning a bit about the game, and the character which this skin is based on, Emperor Kisu. As the author has pointed out, this skin was done using original images of the character, rather than creating the graphics from scratch himself. After taking a closer look at the character, I can understand why. The clothes are covered in intricate patterns from top to bottom, which would take sometime to recreate.

Whilst the graphics were not done from scratch, the author has still done a great job in implementing them, and the skin is indeed a good re-creation of Emperor Kisu for JKA. Unfortunately, graphics quality is a problem, the patterns down the clothes have become blurred. Re-creating these patterns, or finding a way to make them clearer on the skin is something I would recommend.

I also noticed that the head-piece needs some adjusting, most of the time you will see the chin come through the head-piece, and according to the images I found, it should also come up more towards the mouth. All in all, you have done a good job, but I do think that if the pattern quality was increased and the head-piece adjusted it would make the skin a lot better. When It comes to sounds, you mentioned that the character never spoke that you knew of, even so, I would still have liked custom sounds.. or perhaps even replaced with no sound? rather than just taunts from other jka characters which in my opinion didn't fit the character.

However, I do like this skin and I hope you can put together a v2 taking my advice under consideration. I definately recommend a download, I'm sure this will be a favourite for you GW fans out there!

- AmonRa

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Download 'emp_kisu.zip' (4.55MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Emperor Kisu (Guild Wars)
AUTHOR: DarkLordXana (DLX)
E-MAIL: lyokofreak225@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.deepground.987mb.com (NEW SITE PLEASE POP IN SOMETIME!)

FILENAME: emp_kisu.pk3
FILESIZE: about 4 Mb
DATE RELEASED: November 5th, 2008

New Sounds: kinda (re-used the Jedi2 model'sounds per Pasha's suggestion as I dont beleive the character ever speaks)

Bot Support: Yes

Team Skins: No....couldnt really decide on anything better than recolors..which wouldve been rather un-creative.

NPC Support: Yes
Myself , Pasha for the request , and for the references, and whoever makes guildwars O.O

Dump this is your gamedata/base directory within your Jedi Academy directory.

This is a model of a supposed Guild Wars character...named Emperor Kisu...I cant speak from personal experience as I only play the first Guild Wars..and even that is a rarity...but it was requested by Pasha..and caught my attention..Over all I think I did a fair representation of him...the face isnt quite right...and I cant say that the eye color would be accurate...but i couldnt really tell what color his eyes were...so I guesstimated...as for the clothing..its all photosourced from reference images and i think it turned out well...i wasnt really wanting to sit there and try to skin those tiny little patterns on as many as there are and as little time as I can often devote to this work it would have taken forever...but its not a bad photosource...not as bad as some turn out.

Not many that I know of...i think there are a few issues with the shoulders where they occasionally clip off....but i think thats only seen from certain angles...and the fingers arent weighted..I didnt really think about it untill later...but i didnt give it SP support so I didnt focus to much on facial or hand weighting...but the face should move fine...keep in mind i didnt test that other than in ModView so I cant say for sure.

No the staff in the screenshot doesnt come with the model....as a matter of fact I didnt even make it...not even sure what its from off the top of my head.

You may reskin this or use it in mods so long as I am credited and this original readme is included unaltered.....you dont have to ask me...but i would like to know what its being used for.


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