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Well, it would seem the second version of Empire Sith has arrived...let us take a look at what I hissed, roared, and headbutted ea...


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Well, it would seem the second version of Empire Sith has arrived...let us take a look at what I hissed, roared, and headbutted earlier:

This is apparently the author's first skin, and as such, it probably will not show as much appeal to our high-standardized community =_o as for myself, I call it "adequate."

Honestly, after looking at it, I kept thinking of Mario due to the moustache and red color scheme. Granted, there's not a single remote likeness after that, but BLASPHEMY AND ILL WILL TO ALL WHO OPPOSE MY THOUGHTS.

Basically, we have a photoshop recolor along with a couple additions here and there. There's an E on the back, and a weird symbol on the front. Otherwise, it's not that eye-capturing. On the bright side, it's not a paintbucket masterpiece. Regardless, it's an adequate debut. I would suggest going onto the forums that I hate and roar at the Master Sticky. I'm sure many a folk will easily lead you there. ._.

Oh and next time submit your screenshot in jpg format, if you would be so kind =_=

Since then, the author has cleaned up the appearance of the skin, making it less "busy" from last time, added team skins, changed the sounds, and NPC support. My only qualms lie in the following now:

- The E on the back looks a little gaudy. Granted, it looks fine, but if another version is created, I'd suggest something more decorative be done to the E

- The blue team's symbol looks a little sloppy

Otherwise, not a bad upgrade. IRRITATE THE BANDWIDTH SERPENT SO THAT IT MAY DEVOUR YOU =_= That is..if you desire it.

Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Aye New Sounds:Nay Team Support:Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'empire_sith_v2.zip' (1.21MB)

Skin Info
Skin Name: empire_sith_v2
Skin Size: 1.21MB
Skin Info: This is a huge update from v1.3.
New features:

Team Support
NPC Support 
New Symbols
Different sounds (from Cultist)

NPC: To spawn an Empire Sith NPC enable cheats in singleplayer then type:
npc spawn empire_sith_v2 for a good guy (doesn't attack you)
npc spawn empire_sith_v2_evil for a bad guy (attacks you)

Once upon a time... 
In a galaxy far far away..

It was the height of the Empire. Everywhere from Coruscant to the Outer Rim was owned by the Empire. The Jedi were few in number. Nothing could defeat them. But one day General Karenta of the Planet Karene thought of an Idea. They could train new siths from around the galaxy! If they kept it secret they could use them to defeat the jedi quickly if they needed to....
Palpatine agreed and General Karenta built a Sith Training Center on Karene. They then sent out probes to the far reaches of the universe. They were a new construction called Force Probes. They homed in on things with large amounts of Force in them. Then they sent transports to pick up these people with the Force in them. They were sent to the Training Center and learnt to kill.

10 years later......
The Empire had fallen. All was lost. The Jedi were once again the power of the galaxy. But nobody knew of the 561 Siths hiding in their training center, waiting for the time to 
Simply extract the pk3 in this .zip file into your gamedata/base directory. Then load the skin from the player choosing screen in Jedi Academy Multiplayer.

Author: Eagle
Email: hawkdoom@hotmail.co.uk

Legal Info
I am not responsible if this file harms your computer. I have tested it myself and it works. Use at your own risk.

I have not found any bugs in this skin but if you find something not working please email me at hawkdoom@hotmail.co.uk. Thanks!

Thanks to =ADS= Clan for helping me to make this skin and thanks to Imperator Tom who gave me lots of Ideas on things to put in. Thanks to JK3 files for hosting my previous skin and helping me make skins using their very useful tuts.


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