Well, here we have a pack of rather...simple...maps. Yes, I said simple. Why? Because they are. Let's start with the first map.

Ever watched Shrek 2? Remember the Poison Apple with Captain Hook? This is supposed to be that. Yes, it's got a bar, and a few rooms,. and a piano (which plays itself). Anyways, almost all the textures in this map are the same. That's right. The roof has the exact same texture as the floor. This map could have used a lot more detail, as well as textures differentiation. There were a few secret areas, and they entailed spawning. One was a room where howlers would spawn. not one, not ten, but an unlimited number would spawn. Once a howler cleared the spawn point, another would spawn. There was also a tunnel with a small sand creature in it, that was kinda scary. ;) Then there was a flashy room with a giant howler. I noclip'd out of there.

Now the second map is a small and very plain battle map. And when I say basic, I mean it. You spawn in a wide area with two platforms. One teleports you to a spectator area over a battle arena. The second platform teleports you to one of four spawn points where you can spawn a Mark 1 from Jedi Outcast singleplayer. and let me tell you, these things are weak. Four shots from the repeater and you're dead. And that's the battle area. The spectator area..is really bright. Really bright. Darken it down! We're not sunbathing on Mercury! Meh. I think that this map would have been better if there were just stair leading to each area other than a spawn point.

Now the third map is a temple, of sorts. Once again, it's very simple, with a few rooms. I'm not going to bother telling you what's in each room. But one room is like a rave room, with a colorful sculpture in a room with flashing lights. There was another room that I found, with a lot of howlers in it, who would run into a small lava moat. They won't die, unfortunately. Did I mention the room was really dark? Yeah, most of the rooms in this map are very dark. Can I have some lighting so I can at least see, please?

Now the last map is once again, simple. But this one has more of a council theme to it. There is a place that you can go to that's not obvious to look at, which was kind of interesting. There are dark rooms in this map that have obstacles in it that will kill you. There was one room that confused me. It had a transparent staircase that led to nothing. There was another battle area in this map, and it's more of a battlefield setting. Will, it would be if there were bunkers, barricades, and terrain other than a sloping hill. There are other rooms, some of them council rooms, some just random rooms. As with all the maps, make it brighter. Also, when using the Jedi's Home JL (II) door textures, just stretch the doors, don't repeat textures.

There are other things in this map pack that I didn't include, maybe because I didn't write about them, or I didn't see them. One of those things is SithDagger's Storm. I certainly didn't see that ship lounging around. Meh, here are some other comments. Please don't use floor textures for wall buttons, it looks wrong. Yes, it was done. Anyways, it's a simple map pack, you might like it.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes New Music: Yes




        Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
        TITLE**: EnigmaMod
        AUTHOR**: SithDagger
        E-MAIL**: [email protected]
        WEBSITE: http://sddreams.proboards77.com/index.cgi

        FILENAME: EnigmaMod.pk3
        FILESIZE: 26,116 kb

        CREDITS**: Thanks to virdik of enigma, for inspiration, and lots of idea's.
Thanks to Shadow Stone for use of his textures from Jedi'sHomeJL2

        INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Unzip into your Jedi Academy Base Directory

        DESCRIPTION**: Where to begin...
First off it comes with Storm, a starfighter released recently.
It also has maps that input the Mark1 for JA, of which I made a modified script for.
to spawn vehicles:
\npc spawn vehicle Storm

\npc spawn vehicle EStorm

\npc spawn vehicle sd_mark1

There are 4 maps.

The Poison apple is an old wooden style bar, with several secrets, and weird music.

The Enigma battle arena, is just that, an arena for spectators (Way to bright, didn't know how to fix it) and an arena where you spawn mark1's and face off.

The Enigma Council map was designed with larg duels in mind, plenty of space, some secrets, and some eye candy.

The Enigma Temple was Mostly inspiration and idea's from Virdik :)
A bar, outside area, this map is nice sized, including a lot of weird eye candy, and interesting music.

Also, Just In-case I missed anythign I would suggest downloading Jedi'sHomeJL2:


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