Epic Encounters

There have been a lot of videos released lately. You have the typical video, which has a plot, main characters, etc, etc. Then you have the...


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File Description

There have been a lot of videos released lately. You have the typical video, which has a plot, main characters, etc, etc. Then you have the videos that are just a conglomeration of short little humorous clips that together make a very comedic film. Which video is this? Well, mix those together. This video consists of three "clips" (each are quite lengthy) that are not really related in any way, but each clip is very different... and very humorous. I don't often laugh out loud, but I think I actually giggled loudly during the second of the three clips.

Each of the three subplots makes use of excellent filming technique, great choice of music, and some surprisingly decent voice acting. I was a bit wary about it at first, as the first two characters sound quite young, but the subsequent voice acting turned out to be quite good. My only complaint about it was the background noise and music of the video really did drown it out a bit. My laptop isn't all that powerful sound-wise, so I couldn't hear it all that well even with my speakers on full.

The whole video is just under 18 minutes long, so if you were worried you were wasting your time downloading 300mb worth of commercial-length film, think again. At the length of a normal television program (you know, when you cut out the commercials), this video is sure to entertain far more than most other films, just by the merit of its increased content. However that particular content should be able to stand in own two legs. Or six legs. Or whatever. Anyway, if you can afford the download, I'd definitely recommend it. This video definitely brightened up my afternoon.


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Title: "Epic Encounters"

Run time: 17:57

Created by: Silver Blades Studio, Mace Solo

Creator's e-mail: Mace_Solo64@hotmail.com

Installation instructions: You just double click what appears to be a media file and the movie
shall appear before you probably... I'd like to think that, anyway.


  Hello, everyone! My name is Mace Solo. I'm the president and founder of Silver Blades Studio.
I'm a film maker. This is the High Quality render of "Epic Encounters!"



  This is a film that is towards more the traditional set-up of a sketch comedy. It's three 
small stories all in one movie. From a clash of samurai... a battle with some familiar faces...
and a day in the life of the rulers of a certain galactic empire...

The high quality version.. I don't think you'll be disappointed in how it looks. If you full screen
the film, it'll look like just like it does in the game. I leaned more towards better graphics in the game
other than a high resolution capture, and I see that I made the best choice.


  I hope you enjoy the film!


  It's a big list... but I covered everything in the credits of the movie. Enjoy the blooper
reel that goes along with those credits also, by the way!


COPYRIGHT 2007 Silver Blades Studio
Guess what? I don't own anything. Copyrights to the characters/places seen in
this film to those who they belong to. You know who they belong to.
Hooray for them. Don't try messing with this thing without my permission, either.

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