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Haven't had enough comedy films lately? Another one is on its way, and this trailer should give you a small idea of what you can be waiting...


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Haven't had enough comedy films lately? Another one is on its way, and this trailer should give you a small idea of what you can be waiting for. Featuring three stories, flowing in tandem, this comedy will take a look in the life of three separate groups. Featuring some of the more popular models available, and some very promising-looking film and music technique, it's a certainty that this film will at least be worth taking a look at. Whether it will indeed be funny or not is yet to be determined, but I know I'll be looking to see how it's pulled off. It certainly looks like a unique idea!


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Title: "Epic Encounters" trailer

Run time: 2:21

Created by: Silver Blades Studio, Mace Solo

Creator's e-mail: Mace_Solo64@hotmail.com

Installation instructions: The file is a .wmv file. It can be played with most programs
that are capable of media playback of some kind. It was designed to easily work with
Windows Media Player which seems to come with alot of computers. Make sure your speakers
aren't too quiet or too loud... or if you use headphones... woah, that could potentially
be even worse, couldn't it? Mind your volume! Make sure your monitor is turned on, too.
You can hit alt+tab on most media players to make it full screen! That means you can see
it even bigger than when you first opened it!


  Hello, everyone! My name is Mace Solo. I'm the president and founder of Silver Blades Studio.
I'm a film maker. This is the trailer for my first JK3 machinima film, "Epic Encounters."
Even though this is my first movie in Jedi Academy, I suggest you do not underestimate me.
You might just be surprised at this newcomer's first attempt at shooting in JA.
Although this film is more or less a practice film to gain some experience for a much larger 
project that I have very high hopes for. Let's just say that it is unlike anything else
that the JK3 community has ever seen. It has been in the works for a very long time now.
Look forward to it!

  I'm also apart Amorphous Blob Productions! I think you just might have heard of them.
My first in-game filming experience was actually long before I had the honor of joining
ABP. Nefarious Guy was shooting "Star Wars Gangsta Rap: JA edition!" How cool is that?
Nefarious Guy has alot of exciting projects for the future. It's truly an honor for
me to be able to be apart of the team at this time. On top of that, we also have plans
to do some joint films together. The future looks very bright.


  This is a film that is towards more the traditional set-up of a sketch comedy. It's three 
small stories all in one movie. From a clash of samurai... a battle with some familiar faces...
and a day in the life of the rulers of a certain galactic empire...


  Shooting for the film is actually complete, but since this is my first time, I can't really
estimate how long it will be until the full release. However, I put "coming soon" in the trailer
because it, indeed, is coming soon.


  I'll be able to thank everyone properly in the full release, but for now, special thanks
to all of Amorphous Blob Productions for use of the server and thier help with in-game
acting. We spent over 3 hours finishing that last scene without really taking one break.
I can't thank you guys enough for your dedication! I will make sure that this film
properly honors your hard work! Oh, also... Nefarious Guy PWNS ALL NOOBS THAT

There is another readme with this .zip file that contains credits for the different models
and sets that were seen in this trailer as well as links to thier works.


Very special thanks to my right hand guy at Silver Blades Studio, Ice! As a heads up,
when you see everything that he's done for the upcoming big project that I mentioned,
I promise you that you will be shocked at all that he's done with his extreme cool-ness.
He might just be the coolest ever. He in-game acted for this film and gave his traditional
cool-ness support towards the project. Ice. He's cool.


COPYRIGHT 2007 Silver Blades Studio
Guess what? I don't own anything. Copyrights to the characters/places seen in
this film to those who they belong to. You know who they belong to.
Hooray for them. Don't try messing with this thing without my permission, either.

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