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Here's one for all you Ani fans out there - Maestro Obi has updated his Episode 3 Anakin skin. To quote the review of the previous versio...


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Here's one for all you Ani fans out there - Maestro Obi has updated his Episode 3 Anakin skin.

To quote the review of the previous version:

Let me say that I've seen better Anakin models and I've seen worse ones. Yes, I'm talking about the model. This is a skin, so I'm just commenting on the model choice. It's not bad. The face looks a little bit better than the average face I've seen on most Anakin models. The rest of the texturing, however, is average. Looking at it I can't really see anything that makes it stand out from most of the other Anakin models out there. The hair is just as weird as the rest, the face is just as blurry (unfortunately that's what you get when you photosource) and the clothes are just the same color.

By this point in the game we're just getting minor tweaks of the dozens of Anakin skins out there already. This one's definitely not bad, but unfortunately most of them look to be just about the same to me. Maybe I've just seen too many of them... However I suppose that's saying something good. I've seen bad Anakin skins and models, and this isn't one of them.

Just one thing about the original model. It deforms fairly well all around... except one vertex. If you look at the right shoulder area in ModView during the animations you'll see it. Unnoticible for the most part, though. Enjoy!

I'm no expert on skins, and the previous review summed up the skin pretty well, so I'll just comment on the alterations in this version.

The face fits the model's skinmap better now than it did in the previous versions, and the facial expression also seems to have been changed. This is good since in the previous version, he looked quite absent-minded. As fitting as that may be for Hayden Christiansen, I'm sure Anakin Skywalker isn't so scatter-brained. ;)

The torso has been reskinned from scratch for this version, as have the arms and hair. The whole outfit is accurate to the movie, and the reskinning work on the torso and arms is an improvement over v2. The hair looks rather flat in ModView, but judging from the in-game screenshots provided, as soon as you get the skin into JKA you won't notice.

These faults are all minor, so they don't detract from the overall quality of the skin. You wouldn't even notice them unless you were specifically looking for them - I had to scrutinise pretty closely to see anything at all. The good points are far more in number than the bad points, but if I commented on them, I'd just be repeating what the previous review said.

A few nice extras have also been provided with this version. Movie Battles II support has been included, as well as HapSlash's Anakin hilt. Maestro Obi also threw in a custom blade mod he's made.

This is a high quality skin, and a worthy addition to the average SW nerd's collection. Unless you're a perfectionist, or just don't like Anakin, I don't see any reason not to give this one a download.

~ Kouen

NPC Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

Other Extras: MovieBattles II Support Singleplayer Customization Saber Blades Mod Lightsaber Hilt

NPC Spawning Codes: /npc spawn anakin /npc spawn anakinsith

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Episode 3 Anakin Final
SKIN AUTHOR: Maestro Obi
MODELS AUTHOR: Darth Tempust
E-MAIL: victormfdez@gmail.com
FILENAME: Epsode3AnakinFinal.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 15 May 2006

CREDITS: Credits go to Darth Tempust for his model and Hapslash for his anakin saber.


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put the "Epsode3AnakinFinal.pk3" in your base folder. If you've Moviebattles 2, put "zzzAnakinEp3.pk3" (it's inside the zip called "MB2_Anakin.zip") in your MBII folder. If you want to use my blades mod fillow the instructions that are inside the zip-file called "NewBladesV4.zip".

DESCRIPTION: This is a skin based in DT’s Anakin model. In this new version I added a completely new torso and face. I also reskinned the arms and the hair. NPC support, SP menu, Botfiles and Team Colors are supported. As a bonus I added my blades mod and a MB2-Conversion to play with my skin istead of playing with KC-Epidode 2 Anakin. Finally I added HS-anakin episode 3 blade, all credit goes to him ;).

COMMENTS: I hope you like my skin ;).


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