Episode III Anakin

I'm not doing a review of the models here, as it's widely known that the Episode II Anakin was a great piece of work. Whats actually really...


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File Description

I'm not doing a review of the models here, as it's widely known that the Episode II Anakin was a great piece of work. Whats actually really new about this file is the reskins for it, which portray Anakin as a Sith from the upcoming Episode III. Whilst there are some deemable qualities shown, overall its not really up to scratch. It's probably hard wprking of stills for a film that hasn't come out yet, and especially so for a relatively new skinner, but it still falls in a few areas, mainly the head.

So, what's wrong with the head? The hair is the first thing that sticks out like a sore thumb. Whilst I appreciate its probably quite a difficult part to look right, this hair is just plain wrong, and needs to be sorted out. Its misaligned and doesn't meet the skin of the head properly in some places. The face is also off by quite a long shot, as it is in most celebrity skins. However the cloak and clothing seems pretty good to me, despite a few transparency issues with the cloak neckline. There's overall, about 5 different skins, and an NPC. However it lacks team skins andf bot support.

Overall I'm quite divided about this reskin. Whilst the face is so off that it couldn't be recognised as Anakin without the robes and stuff, other areas seem perfectly fine, although some higher quality textures would have been nice. There's also a hilt included, but I'm not really up on the realism of that, so you'll have to decide for yourself whether it works or not :)

New Sounds: Yes Team Support: No Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Author: Aaron Smith_ modeling/weighting/compiling  
Hapslash_ Skins check out Haps site at www.hapslash.com.

Re-skinner: Don Tom (me).

My Email: tmrecievesmail@yahoo.co.uk (please, no spamming or viruses)

File Name: Episode_III_Anakin

Installation Instructions

1) Extract the .pk3 into the GameData\Base\ directory

This is a re-skin of the episode 2 obiwan model by Aaron Smith and Hapslash, made to look like Anakin Skywalker from Episode 3.
The face isn't very Anakin like, so if anyone can do anything about that then please contact me. I know Kevin Coyle is supposed to be making an ep3 anakin,
but I haven't seen it or heard anything about it, so Kevin, if you're reading this, PLEASE finish your anakin, as you aare the king of modeling.
If anyone wants to re-skin this skin, then go right ahead, providing that the end result is an Anakin Skywalker skin. If you want to edit the model
itself, I would advise you to contact Aaron Smith. I am VERY new at skinning, so please don't be too harsh in your criticism, thanks. I've had a bad reaction from some people about this skin, but in my opinion it is one of the best skins out there, and it has more
different versions of the skin than any other anakin skin i've seen. I ask again not to be too nasty about this skin. Enjoy! 


Anakin Skywalker unrobed.

Anakin Skywalker robed.

Anakin Skywalker robed and hooded.

Anakin Skywalker robed and hooded with sith eyes (like in the trailer).

Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber hilt.

Anakin Skywalker NPCs.


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