Episode III - Mustafar Duel/FFA

So, who here is anticipating Episode III? Probably several of you. I'll watch it. I'm curious. And I always love SW, even if I do have some...


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So, who here is anticipating Episode III? Probably several of you. I'll watch it. I'm curious. And I always love SW, even if I do have some complaints. One thing I don't do is read spoilers. So I don't know what the rumours are for the final movie of the trilogy. Apparently it involves lava.

James never fails to impress me with his maps. Mustafar is no exception. You did surprise me, James, by making this a duel map. You never do duel maps! And frankly, I don't see this as a duel map at all. It's clearly FFA. The weapon placement is great and there are lots of weapons. There are places where you'll need to press buttons, use force or your saber to get to where you need to go. I love how interactive the map is. And it's just gorgeous. Unfortunately, there are some FPS issues when you step out and see the incredible scene of the lava pits, volcanoes and the pad above.

Now let me describe this map in order of screenshots. When I first entered the map, I spawned in this room and it wasn't exactly all that great looking, though I love those doors. I saw this panel over by the window that looks out and I love to press buttons, so I did. And look what happened. :) That would be fun to play with. I like how James incorporated the "natural" surroundings with the building. It feels like this was built in the side of a mountain. The pit over there is inviting for those of us who use grip and want to toss someone down into the lava. :D And I just have to say that I LOVE the windows in here. That weathered look is great.

Then I stepped outside and my FPS plummeted. ;) But that's okay. This looks amazing! The terrain is uneven and beautiful. The structure in the center has a few interesting things going on with it and then when you get to the top, things just keep getting more interesting. There's a room to the side where you'll need to figure out (it's easy) how to get inside. Press a button inside and voila! Now anyone dueling on that pad will be electructed! Fun! I thought that was the end of the map, but then I discovered that there was a bridge to another area. I followed that and went through a few rooms 'til I came out on the other side of the volcano. I followed the catwalk until I came to boxes that were blocking the path. Took care of those, and almost fell, but managed to stay on and found my way into that one corridor with the red grating on the bottom. And then I was thankful that bots are really stupid, so I was in no danger of being dropped into the lava below.

As always, wonderful job, James. I don't know how you keep doing it, but your maps are some of the best produced. Keep at it! <3

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: Duel, FFA


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Map Name                : <mustafar_duel>
Author                  : <Sith-J-Cull>
Email Address           : <sith_j_cull@hotmail.com>
Website URL             : <http://sithjcull.mysite.freeserve.com>

Map description         : <Volcanic world FFA duel map>

I spent a lot of time looking on the internet for fan art and descriptions of the rumoured
Episode III planet "Mustafar".  The planet is the location of the Duel that will take place between
Ani and Obi as many fans will know...

This map is the first version of my "Mustafar", its inspired by the rumours and art that I looked at,  
and it includes some of the key locations that are rumoured to be featured in the scene.  Some of you may have seen areas of the map
on screenshots at mys site, and you may realise that some of those areas arent in this release, well I held
back some areas ready for the next version. ;)

Anyway of to complete Kamino V2 now...


Have Fun

Additional Credits to   : <George Lucas, All the team behind JKA >

* Play Information *

New Sounds              : <YES>
New Skins               : <NO>
New Objects             : <NO>
New music               : <YES>
New Textures		: <YES>

* How to use this map *

<extract into base folder, load with ingame menu>



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