Episode III: Palpatines Arrest / Order 66

is a very long time. Believe me, it's not easy to keep working on a project for that long, I have tried myself! You have to come to terms wi...

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is a very long time. Believe me, it's not easy to keep working on a project for that long, I have tried myself! You have to come to terms with the way the project seems to last forever and the inevitable disappointments that discourage you along the way. Here we have the first part of three movies filmed in JKA that recreate key moments in Episode 3:Revenge of the Sith. This movie alone is 24 minutes long, which is pretty big for a JKA movie, but don't forget that there will be another two parts after this!First off, let's have a look at:The Directing/Camera WorkOverall the camera work and directing was very good, there were a lot of shots with were very close to the shots from the film, which is an impressive accomplishment. All the actors seemed to move naturally and the camera angles and such showed the action well. I do have a few complaints however. The most frustrating problem is how the characters always have their hands in the melee 'fists up' position, which detracts from the realism a great deal. Someone should definitely make some kind of mod which changes the melee pose to a more suitable one for film making, such as a arms-by-side relaxed posture. The second issue was that the film was somewhat low resolution and there was no anti-aliasing, so the jaggies were quite prominent. Apart from those issues and a few instances where the FPS obviously dropped very low during filming, the film was very enjoyable to watch! Sound/Voice ActingThis is one area where this film really stands out. From what I could tell, all the characters with the exception of Yoda and the Wookiee's (I think) had new-recorded voiceovers. Whoever was doing those voiceovers (there are no credits at the end of the film, oddly) is extremely talented at voice mimicking, since all the voices of the characters were impressively close to their real life counterparts!Special EffectsThis was a little bit of a mixed bag if I am completely honest. Most of the special effects in the film are very well done, and there are some very good scenes, which are obviously composites of different videos/images. However not all of these turned out that great. The one that immediately comes to mind is the scene where Obi-Wan and his Varactyl mount are shot at and fall into the water at the bottom of the Utapauan sinkhole. Only it isn't a Varactyl, but rather, umm... a green Tauntaun! This really didn't fit at all and is one scene I would definitely work on more. Maybe try and find an image of a Varactyl or use a video capture from Star Wars Galaxies (where the Varactyl is a mount) instead of the Tauntaun. Overall however the special effects were excellent!ConclusionOverall this is a very impressive piece of work and an enjoyable film to watch, although I do think some areas need a bit more work to bring them up to the same excellent standard as the rest of the film. This is definitely one JKA movie I would recommend downloading!Good work here Zappa and I look forward to seeing your other two instalments, good luck with them mate! :)Running Time: 24:15~Nozyspy~STREAMING VERSION:

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