Eric Lassard

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80's and early 90's music, Jurassic Park and of course, the Police Academy films, which were always on TV in the 90's!I remember watching them when I was growing up, though I havent seen any for a long time now I still remember the characters. This is a skin of the benevolent yet clueless, goldfish and golfcart loving Commandant Eric Lassard. The skin is pretty awesome, the detailing on the clothing is excellent and the shiney buttons and badge are a nice detail. The face does resemble the character but it does look a bit 'fuzzy' or smooth and lacking fine definition. I am guessing the face was photo sourced, but i imagine if it was sourced from stills of the movies themselves, that could be why the face is a bit 'fuzzy'. If it is possible to find a high res photo of George Gaynes (who played Lassard) this might be a good way to get some more fine detailing into the facial texture.One other thing i think could do with tweaking are the team skins, they are different in colour, but the colours are so dark it is a bit difficult to actually tell them apart, i would brighten them up just a little to make it easier to distinguish them, but that is just me. Dont forget to use the included NPC file as well if you want some Lassard themed chat hilarity!All in all a very cool skin here, i love seeing unusual and interesting skins like this, so keep them coming! One Police Academy skin i would love to see is Sgt. Larvell Motor Mouth Jones (the real life Michael Winslow Man of 10,000 sound effects), perhaps with some of his amazing, crazy, vocal sound effects as taunts! :DNew Sounds: YesBot Support: YesTeam Support: Yes~Nozyspy~


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