Eternal Lair of Ragnos Disciples

Oh goody! The very first map sent in for Jedi Academy! The first thing I have to say about this map in¡K wow. The second thing is¡K wow. Thi...


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Oh goody! The very first map sent in for Jedi Academy! The first thing I have to say about this map in¡K wow. The second thing is¡K wow. This map could have come with the game the quality of it is so good. The map is titled ¡§The Eternal Lair of Ragnos¡¦ Deciples.¡¨ Even that sound like it could be from the game. This map consists of four basic parts. There is a main room, and three hallways branching off it. The first thing I noticed when I entered this map was the architecture. It was so amazing I felt like crying over the fact that not in a million years could I produce such quality. The columns spiral upward to a detailed ceiling (see pictures). Now we walk down a curved arched hallway with a very nice doorway (see other picture ƒº) entering the first area, which happens to be outdoors. Unlike some outdoor areas that are blocky and unrealistic, this one looks almost perfect. The ground is rocky and cracked with lava flowing far below. There is a broken column creating a bridge across a gap in the long winding path leading up to what looks like an ancient Greek or Roman temple. Inside a statue sits on a giant throne and the lights (another great part of this map) shines through holes in the ceiling. Next we return to the main hall, and go down the second passage. This leads to yet another outdoor area. This one consists of a huge pit of lava, with the only way across being to jump from rock to rock above the lava. On the other side of the pit, there is a smaller (yet still huge) room with some more of the cool spirally columns. We return once again to the main hall, and take the final passage. This leads to a small crossroads with four doorways. Above each is a colored gem, yellow, blue, red. Two of these doorways lead to lava rooms, and one to an ice one. This is the final passage I found and so ends the map. Still those parts are more than enough to make this perhaps the best map I have seen, for JK2 or 3. The architecture, lighting, music, and atmosphere of this map are great. Period. This map is wonderful. I absolutely love it. This map is a MUST download, no buts, no excuses, no anything. If you don¡¦t download this map after you¡¦ve read this review, I will come and hunt you down and eat you }>. I would be very surprised if this map didn¡¦t go into most rotations. Its great atmosphere and good game play make it perfect for most any server. Awesome work, its maps like these that make my day, month, week, and year happy. I hope this is the first of many great maps from Desostros, and other members of the JK3 Community. Once again, great work, keep it up. 10/10 ~DeathBringer

New Texture: Yes New Music: Yes Bot Support: Yes Game Types: FFA

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Eternal lair of Ragnos¡¦ deciples.


This map was totally made by Desostros,A.K.A. KhArN,who is a part of Digital Core.DC is a mapping team that consists of myself (Deso) and Stormkiller.
DC is planning on releasing a lot more maps,so hold on to your panties,DC is on the roll.
Our homepage is  ,which is still under construction due to lack of time =p .


¡§Eternal lair of Ragnos¡¦ deciples¡¨ is a large scale FFA map for JKA.The concept consists of a               place where the spirits of Ragnos¡¦ deciples roam,fight and train eternally,awaiting the resurrection of their master and his army,hoping one day they will rule all again.
This map has a mystical touch to it,and is quiete challenging.I¡¦ve made this map for all the clans for JKA who do not have a clanmap,for this map is IDEAL for clanmap.
With 3 training rooms(Balance,fire and ice duel.),a meeting hall,a council which can give up to 10 people a place to sit,a large scale FFA room and 1 secret area(which will satisfy all guys who see it,the deciples get lonely too after some millennia¡K).


Well,the usual I presume.Open the ZIP file,and extract the ¡§Ragnos¡¦ lair.pk3¡¨ to your ¡§gamedata/base¡¨ folder,and everything should work as it¡¦s supposed to be.

Other info;

This PK3 file contains some new textures,but no new shaders.I have made this map first partially for jk2(already with the thought of it being a JKA map) and then converted,retextured and rescaled it as soon as I had my hands on JKA.
I hope and think you will all enjoy this map,it¡¦s worth the download.
Thanx,and watch out for more  1337 DC mapzzz.

-Deso (

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