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This map, to the simple eye, may not appeal to a lot of audiences, because it is in essence one of the author's older works, a...


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This map, to the simple eye, may not appeal to a lot of audiences, because it is in essence one of the author's older works, and is in need of serious fixing.

First off, a brief synapsis. The player is spawned in a large grassy plain area that is quite plain and boring, save for a few bits of foliage. Entering a small plain building, you can enter the pitch black slipgate into a a rather broad space station, with some ships docked here and there.

First off, while I was exploring this map, I found myself taking a lot of notes, so I'll just post them here in their raw format, and explain them as necessary.

- Missing texture on map object - There seems to be a fish tank of sorts that doesn't seem to have any texture. My suspicions is that it's a JK2 map object, but that changes nothing .-. still need that texture.

- Lighting is way off - Some properly sourced lighting was definitely needed in this map. The grassland area looked like an eclipse was going, but there was no other suggestion as to such things. The station could also have used a little more proper lighting in some areas, preferably with some visible sources.

- Odd error - I had to ask Kouen on this one, as I had not seen one of these peculiar errors before, or at least not in recorded memory. When either entering the small building on the grassland with the web encrusted doorway, the area would blacken, and two walls would vanish. I couldn't evaluate if it applied anywhere else during that experience, but one could theorize that it's possibly a shader error.

- Dull textures - The majority of the space station itself was covered in probably the most boring and blasphemous of textures of metal. A different, possibly smoother metal texture would be nice (the dreadnaught texture would be sufficient.) Whilst I'm on the subject of textures..

- Out of place textures - Texture placement wasn't very uniform in this map. Most notable are the odd yavin brick and misc. stone textures that appear in some wings of the station itself. Another particular oddity was the blue grating texture that appeared in the one corridor containing the academy vessel dock, which contains something I will explain later.

- No ambient Noise - Silence is oppressive in JA. None of the doors, consoles, or anything for that matter, made a lick of noise. FIX THAT IMMEDIATELY.

- Doors could be set to open as two not one - Most of your doors' textures suggested a two part opening, but you made them open as one big chunk. Not very sexy =_o I know some would pull some questions such as the space walkway one, but I'm sure even then you could compensate for that.

- I see a light? O_o - You had a set of quarters linked via teleport in this map. The exit was way too out of place, looking more like a rip in the time space continuum then a warp back. Cut that crap out O_o

- Unclipped Console - A few objects above the bar were unclipped.

- Airlock/Tube link to acad vessel? - Should you ever make future space docks, remember that humans do not breathe space. It's very toxic to them >_> as such, I would suggest either an airlock, some sort of tube connection, or a combination thereof. Bridge just wouldn't cut it.

- Made blue goo liquidy? - I noticed you had some rather sensuous blue liquid lying simple texture form. Nothing worse than stepping on an injuring texture. Work on getting it into a liquid, rather than a solid.

- Z-fighting - The bar/acad vessel corridor door had some noticeable z-fighting on the acad vessel side.

- Texture combat - A number of incidents in the already tacky yavin area had a lot of texture fighting.

- Fill some space O_o - Should you ever make a version two of this map(which I think you should, because it had a lot of potential,) ya really need to cut down on the empty space. Unlike grounded dwellings, space stations are not meant to have huge amounts of space. Gotta keep it big enough to sustain, biologically and financially. My suggestion? Lower the ceilings substantially, cut down the size of some of the rooms(namely those yavin rooms,) and fill what space you have left with necessary map object goodies.

Those were the initial notes I took. Now, suggestions for improvement on the overall space station feel. A space station functions as a good resting place. Here are some suggestable areas that could go into the space station.

- More landing areas - Mess Hall - Medical bay (for those with injuries) - Holding cells (I thought one of your areas functioned as one but you could make it a little more cell-like.) - Barracks/Quarters - Control areas for landing, life support, and station maintenance. - Maintenance ducts

and I'm sure people in the comments could probably think of other areas that could be added. By all means, give some thought to making a version two now that you think you have more experience than you did when making this map. This map was a pretty decent attempt, despite all the errors.

I would suggest that all members of the audience give it a look and help mr. author out =_= for those who don't listen to that, BANDWIDTH NOW.

New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (1.25MB)

I found this map on my computer and I redone the PK3. 

Level Designer: Edward.T.Ramsey
Date Started: N/A
Date Finished:N/A

Game Type :FFA 
Level Size : Med
Music :NO
Bot Surpport :NO
new Texture :No 

Discription: I created a level few years ago and found this one, i thought it be a good idea to  "re-launch"
it on my new account. I now know more about designing levels then i use to so my next map will hopefully be a big
improvement from this one

Discription before 2008 :With miscs and portals you start in earth and tele thro 
space in the station , you will see a academy ship .

Beta Testers: T©R, JACKO 

Thanks for the help from

Szico VII ---for makeing the pk3 to work with the screenshot
MJCOwnerMace^F --- For makeing the PK3 and adding the screenshot  ---to make it all work 
ETRamsey-- Makeing the Level 
Starwars jedi knights jediACADEMY--to make the game and allow me to make a level and let this go thro

©copyright 2008 all rights reserved

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