Even though a few minimizers already exist, I don’t see any problem with making more. The more there are, the more people will be happy, right? Anyway, this minimizer is pretty handy dandy. It works with Enemy Territory, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Jedi Academy MP and SP, Quake 3 Arena, Jedi Outcast MP and SP, and Elite Force II. You can also customize the keys you wish to use in the easy-to-use drop down menu.

Though the program may look a little dated and can be a tad confusing to use upon first inspection, it works. As long as it works it’s worth using. If you don’t like any of the other minimizers out there, use this one. If you’re happy with another, good for you. This isn’t the best one out there but it might make someone happy.

- Daku



This application allows to minimize the full screen of:
Jedi Academy SP/MP
Jedi Outcast SP/MP
Elite Force
Wolfenstein SP/MP
and many other games
Just unzip the exe file in any folder and run it.
How to Use:
Start the ETWC, set a hot key, and click "enable hotkey", the run the selected game in full screen or maximized, when you want to go back to desktop just press the hotkey, to return the game press again the hotkey.
This application also change your screen resolution according the window state, the resolution values of desktop or game will be set automatically. 

When you minimize the game the gamma of desktop will be change, but this is normal, the gamma will be corrected as soon as you close the game.

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