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Here we have a kind of staff weapon that looks like a mix between a vibrolance and something from MegaMan. It's like a big stick wit...


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Here we have a kind of staff weapon that looks like a mix between a vibrolance and something from MegaMan. It's like a big stick with glowly yellow blade things coming off at very odd angles and, to be honest, it looks incredibly deadly. In fact someone I showed it to suggested it be renamed to "Impractical Stick of Death" since it looks like it would be equally deadly to both the victim and the wielder. I found myself agreeing when I went in-game to test it out and, as I held it idly, it was impaling my forearm.

However since our in-game models of choice are nothing but hollow meshes, we don't have to worry about bleeding to death by impaling ourselves on our own weapons, so let's move on. Personally, as far as the in-game presentation goes, the weapon looks unwieldly and unbalanced. The majority of the weight is on the left, however it's held farther right. Realistically the whole thing should tip and cause my poor character to fall over to the left (although when did reality and Jedi Academy ever meet?). I would've moved the grip much closer to the larger part of the model, although that's just me.

As for the model's construction, it seems the majority was built out of a 12-sided cylinder. It's more sides than I would've personally used, but still very reasonable, so basic construction is good without being unnecessarily too detailed. There's a good attempt and real texturing, although this model suffers from Multiple Skinmap Syndrome (MSS). In the future, consolidate all your skinmaps into one big map -- you don't need to have a separate skinmap for each model part, it'll make your archive smaller, and to be honest it just looks more professional.

My last suggestion is to work on the sounds a little. The electricity sound used here doesn't really fit (it's very loud, yet the electricity effect on the blades is very subtle, so they just seem to clash). Also I wouldn't recommend using lightsaber sounds -- there doesn't seem to be anything on or about this weapon that would make such a sound! Overall not a bad model! It may be an impractical stick of death, but let's face it -- what fun would something practical be?

We're now at v1.0! I had forgotten the original was v0.9, so I was really confused when I was looking at the e-mail... But me being confused is fairly normal.

Anyway, visually there's not much of an update, but with a tenth of an increase in version that's to be expected. This is probably worth grabbing over the old version, though, as it does have some more behind-the-scenes updates. The model has been cleaned up of some of the unnecessary polies and the skinmaps have also been combined, which results in a much cleaner model as well as a reduced file size. The sounds (thank god) have been modified to not be as "obnoxious" as the author puts it in his read-me.

Some other changes include an altered stance -- this won't modify any animations files so don't worry about it affecting any other mods -- as well as some balance tweaks in the saber file. Some folks may not like this, as it changes the stats on the weapon (8 blades means more power, but the speed is reduced and it restricts some hand-related Force powers). This'll be hit or miss -- some people like balance, and some people like 'fairness', so that might make this weapon seem slightly less appealing for some folks.

However one of the neater additions here is that some extra colors have been included, so if you want the blade not to be yellow anymore you can change the color. You will need some basic modding knowledge to do this, though, so if you're really a dunce when it comes to that you may want to ask a fellow modder for some help in understanding the somewhat vague instructions in the read-me.

Overall a good, albeit minor, update. Definitely from a modder's standpoint it's well worth it, though!


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Download 'exile_blade_v1.0.zip' (3.8MB)


**                  JEDI KNIGHT: Jedi Academy                  **
  #                   TITLE : Exile Blade V 1.0               #  
  #                      TYPE : Weapon Model                   #  
  #                     VERSION : 1.0                         #  
  #               AUTHOR : -=Itai'shi=-		              #  
  #               E-MAIL :spaceray2222@yahoo.com              #   
  #                                                           #  
  #              FILENAME : Exile_Blade_V1.0.pk3              #  
  #                     FILESIZE : 0.98 MB                    #  
  #                 RELEASE DATE : Jan 2008                   #  
Well, here's new new & updated '1.0' of my previous weapon, Exile. Now, I fixed quite a few things from the 1st one.                                                   
First off, I remade the sounds from the original one, since the old ones were a tad.....Well, Obnoxious XP. I'm still not too fond of 'em, but there the best I can make.

Secondly, I edited the model so it would use ALOT less vertices, making the overall file size smaller. I also changed the position of the lower blade so it wouldn't clash with any animations.

The textures are also remade into only 2 texture maps. Plus, the handle has some additional 'glow' to it.

Some of the properties are fine-tuned as well. Sadly, I removed the staff kata due to some excessive clashing between the character & the weapon itself. But then again, who uses that kata?

To sum it up, I hope you like this as much as you liked the older one.
Put the .pk3 file(s) into your
'JediKnight:JediAcademy/GameData/base' folder
Can't get easier than that :P

So, enjoy edited model ^_^

»  -=Itai'shi=-                          

 The only bugs I could find (like last time) is that a few sections 
don't cast shadows. Not sure what causes this, but if anyone knows 
how to fix this, drop me a line ;D

 I've also included a few 'lil extras in here this time. Color Variances, Background Info, & DIfferent Damage Scripts

In the "Weapon Color" folder that's in the "Extra" folder itself, I've included different color variants for the blade & glowing textures. Just go into whatever colors you want, take the "Exile_Blade" ,"Exile_Sword" ."Exile_Sword_Glow" & "Glow" textures, & place them into the .pk3 in the same designated folder. (Models --> Weapons2 --> Exile_Blade)

 Also, there's 2 different .sab files in the "Weapon Property" folder inside the "Extra" folder mentioned above. The first one is the unedited one, which gives the regualt amount of damage per blade. The other is edited to lower the damage by 1/2 for each blade for those who want a more balance, more realistic feel to it. Just place your pereferred .sab file into the Ext_Data --> Sabers folder, but make sure you delete the old one.

Tips on Usage

	Whenever you're using this in-game, I'd advise you to follow these tips for optimum fighting performance.

	1) Location, Location, Location
	Whenever you're swinging this big rig around, make sure you're paying attention to where you are. If you're in a tight corner or corridor, you'll more than likely just bounce off the walls than hit your target, so be advised. But, in open areas, this sword is king. SO, just go out there & experiment with different scenarios.

	2) Increased Power
	Hey, with a weapon this big, you would've expect it to have a bit more of a kick. With eight blades assorted along the body of the weapon, you'd have nearly 4 times the destructive capabilities as a regular saber staff. Plus, it has other properties:
	Increased Chaining
	Increased Parry
	Increased Breaking Abilities

	3) Force Restrictions
	This weapon restricts certain Force Powers that require your hands to use, but does not effect other force powers. It restricts:
	Force Push
	Force Pull
	Force Lightning
	Force Grip
	Force Drain
	Force Telepathy (Mind Trick)

	4) Decreased Spped.
	With increased size & power, comes decreased speed. Now, you move slightly slower than usual, & you attack speed is a tad slower.                                         

The Model, Sounds, & Textures all belong to me, so don't use them 
in your projects/mods with askin' me first, K?    

ALso, I give Isla Kamamee credit for giving me alot of information
& pointers for the various glowing textures.                             


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