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Here we have a kind of staff weapon that looks like a mix between a vibrolance and something from MegaMan. It's like a big stick with glowly...


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Here we have a kind of staff weapon that looks like a mix between a vibrolance and something from MegaMan. It's like a big stick with glowly yellow blade things coming off at very odd angles and, to be honest, it looks incredibly deadly. In fact someone I showed it to suggested it be renamed to "Impractical Stick of Death" since it looks like it would be equally deadly to both the victim and the wielder. I found myself agreeing when I went in-game to test it out and, as I held it idly, it was impaling my forearm.

However since our in-game models of choice are nothing but hollow meshes, we don't have to worry about bleeding to death by impaling ourselves on our own weapons, so let's move on. Personally, as far as the in-game presentation goes, the weapon looks unwieldly and unbalanced. The majority of the weight is on the left, however it's held farther right. Realistically the whole thing should tip and cause my poor character to fall over to the left (although when did reality and Jedi Academy ever meet?). I would've moved the grip much closer to the larger part of the model, although that's just me.

As for the model's construction, it seems the majority was built out of a 12-sided cylinder. It's more sides than I would've personally used, but still very reasonable, so basic construction is good without being unnecessarily too detailed. There's a good attempt and real texturing, although this model suffers from Multiple Skinmap Syndrome (MSS). In the future, consolidate all your skinmaps into one big map -- you don't need to have a separate skinmap for each model part, it'll make your archive smaller, and to be honest it just looks more professional.

My last suggestion is to work on the sounds a little. The electricity sound used here doesn't really fit (it's very loud, yet the electricity effect on the blades is very subtle, so they just seem to clash). Also I wouldn't recommend using lightsaber sounds -- there doesn't seem to be anything on or about this weapon that would make such a sound! Overall not a bad model! It may be an impractical stick of death, but let's face it -- what fun would something practical be?


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Download 'exile_sword_v0.9.zip' (1.82MB)

Exile Sword_V0.9

Author		:  -=Itai'shi=-
E-mail		:  spaceray2222@yahoo.com

Modname		:  Exile Sword
Filename	:  Exile Sword_V1.0.zip
Filesize	:  1.68 MB


put the .pk3 file(s) into your 'JediKnight:JediAcademy/GameData/base' folder
Can't get easier than that :P

So, enjoy my first weapon model ^_^

»  -=Itai'shi=-


» Isla Kamamee	- giving me alot of information & pointers for the various glowing textures. I couldn't have made these shaders without ya!

Addition Information

Yes, it says '0.9' for a reason. It is technically 'finished', but I kinda want to release it now, so that I can recieve opinions from the JK Community & their input on how I can improve it upon release of '1.0'

Also, this is my first weapon model/mod/model period, so I'm still a bit...inexperienced...But if anyone out there has any comments/suggestions/&/or/tips for this, I'd be happy to hear 'em.

In the next updated version, I'll modify the textures (I can't put my finger on it...but I don't like something about them). And I'll also include some custom stances. 

So, just remember...this isn't the OFFICIAL release.....just more of a Beta, per se ^_^

Background Information
(Just a short description on how this goes into the Star Wars Universe)

Inhabiting among the hundreds of planets that drift through the Outer Rim, the hidden civilization of Kygol have advanced in  
specialized weapon technology. The sentient species developed their own unique use for their home found alloys & crystals,  
creating weapons that could rival a Jedi lightsaber.

Their weapon technology revolved around a specialized alloy, while charged with crystals from their planet, giving the  
charged ally powerful capabilities. These crystals can only be found on the planet itself, Kygol, along with the specialized  
alloy, Beril. When each are integrated into a weapon, they form a current of energy; it starts from the central crystal  
base, flowing through the Beril alloy, then returns back to the crystal base. The current loses energy whenever the alloy  
makes contact with anything & looses some energy over extended periods of activation. Kygol weapons could be crafted by an individual, but required specialized equipment to forge the weapon.

Kygol crystals can be charged by a convenient power source, in which they emit waves of electrical energy. This energy can  
be, in turn, channeled into Beril. Beril, when charged, has properties much like a Jedi lightsaber. The only difference  
between the two is that Kygol weapons cannot cut through dense solid materials as proficient as a lightsaber, & Kygol blades are  
solid & can deflect off object if improperly used. Also, Kygol weapons need to be charged every few moths or so; Kygol  
technology has yet not perfected the current loop found in lightsaber designs. Kygol weapons, on the other hand, can be  
crafted into different bladed variants, unlike lightsabers, which are restricted to straight blades.

The alloy used for the blades themselves always have a sharpened edge, in which is strengthened when charged. Beril, when not  
charged, is very brittle. The alloy can shatter if a strong enough force strikes it when it is not charged. Also, Kygol  
crystals tend to disrupt when in lower temperatures.

Kygol weapons are usually gilded with Phrik to give their weapons a sturdy covering & the capability to withstand the  
potency of a lightsaber blade. Kygol weapons are activated with a pressure plate built into the handle, much like a  
lightsaber. The recharge plugs are imbedded along the pathways of the weapon's conduit.

This weapon was crafted by the infamous rogue, Itai'shi K'geo. This 'sword' is a combination of bizarre shaped blades made from Beril arranged along a sturdy staff, which contains the crystal's circuits. The Kygol crystals are housed at the top of the weapon in a large sturdy body.

The unorthodox weapon fits perfectly with Itai'shi's equally unorthodox fighting style; random, fast, deadly. The weapon is fitted with an enormous curved blade along the top front of the sword, a similar smaller one behind it, & a short angled blade at the end.

As I tested this...the only bug I could see was that the handle section of the weapon does not cast any shadows whatsoever; That will be fixed in the 1.0 Version ^^'

If you do find any bugs that need to be fixed, please contact me ASAP.

Tips on Usage
Whenever you're using this in-game, I'd advise you to follow these tips for optimum fighting performance.

1) Location, Location, Location
	Whenever you're swinging this big rig around, make sure you're paying attention to where you are. If you're in a tight corner or corridor, you'll more than likely just bounce off the walls than hit your target, so be advised. But, in open areas, this sword is king. SO, just go out there & experiment with different scenarios.

2) Increased Power
	Hey, with a weapon this big, you would've expect it to have a bit more of a kick. With eight blades assorted along the body of the weapon, you'd have nearly 4 times the destructive capabilities as a regular saber staff. Plus, it has other properties:
	Increased Chaining
	Increased Parry
	Increased Breaking Abilities

3) Force Restrictions
	This weapon restricts certain Force Powers that require your hands to use, but does not effect other force powers. It restricts:
	Force Push
	Force Pull
	Force Lightning
	Force Grip
	Force Drain
	Force Telepathy (Mind Trick)

4) Decreased Spped.
	With increased size & power, comes decreased speed. Now, you move slightly slower than usual, & you attack speed is a tad slower.

Legal Information
You are allowed to use  the weapon model and/or the textures, but please ask me for permission.

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