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then you'll love this. It is basically a Sith training academy. You'll be spending a lot of time just exploring this map. Gameplay wise, it'll obviously be alot better with with a full compliment of players. There isn't a shortage of duel arenas either. :pOne feature I really love, is the mountain maze. It's literally a vertical maze inside a small mountain. Perfect for trick jumpers, which is why I wasn't able to explore a lot of it (I can't trick jump to save my life, ha! :p ).Get a large group together. You'll get lonely exploring this huge place on your own.Gametypes: FFA, Team FFA, Duel, Power Duel, CTFNew Models: YesNew Textures: YesNew Music: YesNPC Support: YesBot Support: YesPS: If you add a bot to play against, you'll be waiting a REALLY long time for it to find and fight you! :D


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