Factory Room Duel

People always give the following advice: "Never release your first (insertmodnamehere)!" It's good advice, if you want to save face. Besi...


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People always give the following advice: "Never release your first (insertmodnamehere)!" It's good advice, if you want to save face. Besides, you would never see someone try to sell their very first painting, would you? I know stick figures are now considered 'modern art' ( :rolleyes: ) but here people aren't quite as friendly to the modern arts. This author has taken that advice to heart. This is his first released map, but definitely not his first. The past practice really shows in the final product.

This map is quite small, bit enough only for a two-person duel really, but it should provide for pretty good duel gameplay. It consists of an elongated rectangular room with a platform about halfway to the ceiling. Two sets of metal stairs lead to this platform. The walls pulse electrically, and the corners are decorated with displays and the like.

The lighting here is pretty good; definitely not your run-of-the-mill newbie lighting. I'm liking the texturing too, with the exception of the pillars holding up the platform which, compared to the rest of the texturing which goes together quite nicely, simply looks sloppy, misaligned, and out of place. Luckily they're thin so you might not notice them so much. It seems to really be the only thing this author didn't pay enough attention to.

There's no bot support, alas, but it includes some very cool and very mood-enhancing music from NewGrounds which really adds greatly to the map's overall ambiance. A very good choice, indeed. Overall a nice map, especially for a beginner. :)

Bot Support: No New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes


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Download 'zzzz_factory_duel.zip' (5.44MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Map
Title: Factory Room Duel
Author: Blue Ninja
E-mail: -----------

FILENAME: zzz_factory_map.pk3
RELEASE: 4-25-07

INSTALLATION: Put the zzz_factory_map.pk3 in your base folder. C:/Program files/Lucas Arts/ Jedi Academy/Game data/base.
UNINSTALLATION: Remove or delete the file from your base folder.

To play in this map with the devmap command type &quot;devmap factoryduel&quot; into the console.

Credits: GtkRadiant
	 Cornandbeans audio

Special Thanks: Cornandbeans for all the AWESOME music you have composed and released on Newgrounds.com. You rock!
		2dvalley.com for the one and only new texture (hopefully it was free? I didn't see anywhere to buy anyway).
		JK3Files for posting this.
		GTKRadiant because the old JK2Radiant I had just kept messing up, and I almost quit mapping. But I found this better one and I have not given up!!!

Description: This is one of my first EVER maps. It isn't the very first one I did, but the first one that wasn't practice or for fun. This is a small duel map with an industrial theme, or at least that's what I was aming for. It has one new texture from 2dvalley.com. It has a platform on the upper half for closer duels which is lit darker, and below it, lit much lighter, is the bottom floor. Pretty simple, just look at the screenshots to get an idea.

The music: The music is composed and arranged by cornandbeans. You can listen to over 100 of his songs by putting this in your URL bar: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/view.php?id=1639062&page=1
The song in my map is called {Factory} which is where I got the name for this map. It is of the industrial genre.

Bugs/leaks/z fighting: I don't know of any bugs, didn't notice any z-fighting, and radiant tells you if you make any leaks, and there aren't any. If you find any problems just feel free to mention it in the comments.

Comments: As I said, this is my first map worth uploading, so I am very new at this. Any tips or constructive critisism in the comments would be welcome. I am merely a Padawan learner.... BTW, there is no bot support, but believe me, if I knew how to include that, I would have done.


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