This map is rather large. Larger than I first thought, in fact. If I hadn't been zooming around in noclip mode I would have missed half of...


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This map is rather large. Larger than I first thought, in fact. If I hadn't been zooming around in noclip mode I would have missed half of it, I think. In short, there's plenty of room in this map, and it's not hard on the eyes. In fact it's rather nice looking, with quite a few features, good architecture, good lighting, and enough points of interest to keep you from getting bored.

This map, on the whole is very dark. I don't mean it's not lit, I just mean that it makes use of darker texturing, instead of the bright, steely grey Imperial textures we're all used to. It also has quite a strong red component, adding a little splash of color, and a bit of blue lighting here and there adds yet another bit of interest. With breakable glass, glass-lined hallways and rooms, and industial-looking scenery, the map is perfectly set for the suggested gameplay. However it is also suitable for lightsaber dueling, with several rooms featuring towering ceilings, giving plenty of room to hop around with your light stick.

The nice thing here is that not all the rooms are body. Some are certainly, but that comes with the map being a building. Buildings are designed on square. But many of the rooms feature additional brushes or objects that detract from the naturally square shapes, making the architecture seem far less repetative. Overall it has a good look to it and should make for some interesting gun matches.

Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No


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Download 'factory1201.zip' (12.49MB)

====================Factory 1201========================
Installation instructions
-Unzip the folder into your GameData\base folder.
(The default path is "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars
Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base".)
- or just copy and paste the Factory1201.pk3 file into your GameData/base folder
-This readme is not required for this map to work... just so you know >.>

-Bot route included
-Tffa and ffa support enabled
-Lots of spawn points enabled
-Is intended for merc battles (but i also included some certain rooms for dueling and made sure the most fps can be squeezed from each of them)

-lava, metal, and sound effects! 
Just wanna thank the beta testers back in jasacademy.com, you all know who you are, and your all awsome n shizzle 8)
also wanna thank all the peepole on the filefront forums who helped me out. Kouen, Inry, Fir'en, and alot of other ppl, I hope this map does'nt dissapoint :S
My e-mail
DarKDuDE15_969@hotmail.com if all u ladies wanna know...er...and everyone 
else i guess.. if you got any suggestions, pointers, or maby even 
comments?....just e-mail me or we could talk thru msn.
Some side notes / bugs
-hmm...well this is my 2nd map, so dont expect...rome..or something..
-Ive spent over 8 months working at this map, mostly because i had so many problems (and maybe becoz im alil bit of a slacker too ;S )
-excessive testing helped ensure that this map had as little problemos as possible, xcept..Well i did my best to repair some bugs, but theres only one that i could never figure out how to fix. although its hard to notice and wont affect gameplay, its still there :(
its when your walking down the hallway with the 2 windows on each side, if you jump off of the railings, two light models will dissapear and reappear. scary huh?

-also for fps... i did my best to save as much as i could, and its possible to get a decent framerate...when yer alone... but during the testing i found that i lost alot when playing w/ bots n stuff...meh...i promise in my next map ill be more careful about this kind of stuff.
-GtkRadiant 1.3.12
-pak scape
Thanks for accually downloading this map :D

Some legal mumbo jumbo

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