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This first file I'm posting is a duel map pack...with three map themes. The first map you are looking at is a nicely done rendition of Rift...


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This first file I'm posting is a duel map pack...with three map themes. The first map you are looking at is a nicely done rendition of Rift (the most popular map Raven released). I like the lighting, I like the flow...it seems a bit too constricted for dueling on but the theme and architecture is really good.

The second map, fairy_winter, seems to be based off of Hoth. The architecture and theme is very similar. It's a nice small map, not much room for jumping around in one of the rooms but good for close-quarters battling. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Great use of lighting, the level could stand to be just a tad bigger but overall it's a great job.

The third map, based on a forest, is the only one I have criticism for. It credits the authors of the Whoville map for use of the trees...unfortunately the textures for the trees were not included. So go download the Whoville map!!! If you didn't, you'll be subjected to the lovely black/white texture box. Moving on to the map, it's pretty much the exact same thing, only two outdoor areas connected via a hallway. It's a nice touch, nice theme...just a little bland. Some platforms and larger areas would have made the third map in this series great.

All in all it's great for dueling servers. If you run a dueling server these maps are a must-have.

- Chrono

Bot Support: Not needed Gametypes: Duel, Power Duel New Textures: Kind of

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Download 'fairy_duel_pack_1.zip' (978KB)

Each .pk3 has it's own readme file for each file.  This readme is simply how to install.

Place this file in your base folder for Jedi Academy.  Then drag and click each .pk3 file out
from the .zip into your base folder.  Once this is complete you can load it up in game.  If you 
currently have any of the previous versions of any of these three maps delete the .pk3
of that map and then add the new .pk3.

------ (pasted below is the readme for the first map pack.)

Map Name                : Fairy Duel Rift (fairy_duel1)
Author                  : fairy.alec* 
Email Address           : [email protected]
Map description         : Duel and Power Duel map for Jedi Academy.

Additional Credits to   : Jedi Academy developed by Raven Software and LucasArts.

* Map Information *

New Sounds              : No. All music is from JA.
New Skins               : No.
New Textures		: No.
New Objects             : No.
Botroutes		: Not needed.

This is the first in a 3 part duel-pack by fairy.alec* for the fairy clan.  Each duel map has it's own theme.  This first map in the pack is themed off of the rift sanctuary map.  Therefore it is the Fairy Duel Rift Map.

* How To Use This Map *

Unzip fairy_pack1.zip into your GameData/base directory. Take the .pk3's out and this map is available in your multiplayer menu.  If you recieve it in .pk3 form just simply play it in game by using devmap fairy_duel1 or loading it through multiplayer.


* Copyright / Permissions *


All original content copyright 2003. All rights are reserved.

I hold no copyright to this because that is A) stupid B) all credit goes to lucasarts C) i'm just a simple man making a map  D) who in hell would want to steal this anyways?

* Other Legal *

Fire is hot.  Don't touch it.
And don't act out this game in real life.  That's stupid.

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