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Fallen Jedi

Here we have a first skin that alters the Jedi model to be kind of a dark-sider. There is the very typical black and red color scheme, but i...


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Here we have a first skin that alters the Jedi model to be kind of a dark-sider. There is the very typical black and red color scheme, but it's altered ever so slightly so that it's more of a grey and desaturated red, which to me makes a huge difference in this skin not looking recycled. In fact I'm quite fond of that shade of red. On the torso there is some kind of what I'm guessing to be a planet symbol (?) and on the back there are two triangles facing each other to make kind of a pyramid. The skin is paler and the hair darker, giving it kind of a more evil look.

So I guess the question here is do I agree this looks like a dark Jedi? Well I'm not of the school of thought that red and pale skin makes you evil (potentially it just makes you a computer geek who doesn't go outside :p) but there is something about contrast that gives a less safe and secure feel, which is probably why it's used so often to portray evilness and 'the dark side'. Yeah, this skin's okay. I'm impressed that it's fairly neat for a first skin and is actually color-coordinated fairly well! It looks okay to the eye, which is very important. A good first step into the skinning world, and I would recommend that when this author feel comfortable doing this kind of work that he step out and do something a little bit more creative.

Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Fallen Jedi
AUTHOR: MNattrass 
E-MAIL: Nattrass2006@msn.com
WEBSITE: Sorry, will make one if I get into modding

FILENAME: Dark_jedi95.pk3
FILESIZE: 425.1 kb
DATE RELEASED: 21 February 2008

Whoever made Pakscape (sorry about the rubbish readme, couldn't find out who).
Valentin Ilyin for making Modview.
JKFiles for the inspiring me to mod JK3, for the tutorials and for the tool downloads.
Inyri Forge for her tutorial on making a first skin.
I think that's it, unless I need to list the makers of GIMP, and... This could easily get too long.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put Dark_jedi95 into your JK3 Gamedata/base folder, usually (I think) Local Disk/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/Base

DESCRIPTION: ***This is a very simple mod*** I have made a darkside looking version of Jedi, red, with black patterns on the front and back of his tunic, a red collar, and very pale skin, and dark hair.
It has new team colours, but no bot support. I hope it's adequate for a first mod. Enjoy!

Bugs: Please tell me if you find bugs, I didn't. If you do I'll try to fix it. 

Permission: You may modify for your own use, and upload elsewhere as I get credit. Thank you! 

COMMENTS: This mod is basically rubbish, but you might like it.


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