Falling into Darkness

This is the full movie Falling into Darkness, which looks to be the first in a series from Darth Angelus.

I’m a fan of comedies, I only e...


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This is the full movie Falling into Darkness, which looks to be the first in a series from Darth Angelus.

I’m a fan of comedies, I only ever watch comical TV programmes and I like these sorts of movies to be the same.

As I started watching it I realised it wasn't a comedy and lost interest in it, but after about 5 minutes it started to grow on me.

The space battles are a nice twist on it, not something you expect to see in a JK movie.

Some parts of the storyline are quite easily recognisable from other films; maybe the next one will be a little more original. It could also do with more actors, it has been done only using 2 people and you can tell.

All in all :thumbsup:


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Author: Darth Angelus
Website: http://www.das-entertainment.com/
Email: darth.angelus@gmail.com

Fearing the destruction of the Jedi Knights during the Clone Wars, the Jedi Master Basil has taken his students to the remote planet of Delius where they have lived in peace for many years.

However this is about to change, a small ship belonging to the Rebel Alliance has crashed on the planet and even know, forces loyal to the evil Emperor Palpatine search the nearby regions of space for this vessel.

This planet also has its own dangers, dark forces plotting against the Jedi Knights are beginning to move, they have taken the rebel pilot and plan to use her to turn one of the Jedi to the Dark Side of the Force...


Written and Directed by
Damien "Darth Angelus" Valentine

Music by
John Williams

Worf			Damien Valentine
Verrier			Sylvia "Phi" Andreae
Alderson		Richard Grove
Thrawn			James "Doom Ihl Varia" Cross
Stella			Ingrid Moon
ISD Captains		Todd "xtat" Troxell
Officers		nb from NZ
Emperor Palpatine	Ian McDiarmid
Chogall			Andrew "Boter" Hookway
Warlord			David Houston

Characters Controlled by
Damien Valentine and Matt Sias

Created With
Jedi Academy

Jedi Academy Models
Darth Vader - Mars Marshall

Battlefront Yavin
Padme's Home

Desert Temple

Padme's Appartment

Space Scenes filmed with

Special Thanks
Sylvia Andreae
Ingrid Moon
Everyone responsible for
Jedi Academy, Homeworld2 and
the mods for both games
George Lucas

Star Wars: Episode 2
The Darkness Consumes
Coming Soon

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