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I’ve seen some pretty good maps in my day, but not many have blown my mind like this one. I’m really upset I never saw it before. Storm has...


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I’ve seen some pretty good maps in my day, but not many have blown my mind like this one. I’m really upset I never saw it before. <|FeaR|> Storm has taken his original map for Jedi Outcast and resubmitted it for Jedi Academy with updated textures. Aside from its beauty it is also very functional for pretty much anything you might need.

The map is based on a giant ship. There are a bunch of rooms with all kinds of cool stuff. There’s an X-Wing, a couple Ion Cannons and all over the walls are recruitment signs. Those are my favorite part of the map. “Do you feel the Darkside? Want to become a Knight or Guardian or maybe even a Lord?” one of the signs says. Most are accompanied with the clan’s site. While this could be annoying to some I find it to be a nice touch.

While this map is relatively large I feel it best suits duelers. There are a couple rooms large enough for the occasional FFA, but most of the rooms are small. They are the perfect size for duels. One of the best rooms is the tiered room. It resembles one of the rooms in the Death Star map from JK2. Very nice for duels. Another room is simply a bridge stretching across a huge chasm. This could be used for some good duels, but there’s something tricky there. The bridge can break and send the two fighters tumbling to their deaths. I see it as an added challenge, myself.

This map is really great and very creative. I’m glad the author has decided to port it over to JA. This is also only the first he’s ported over. I can’t wait to see the rest that I never saw before. Good job.

- Daku

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA

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Download 'ffa_fear_outpost.zip' (6.21MB)


<|FeaR|> Storm
[email protected]

Server information:
port: 27015

Comment: This is the first map of my jk2 maps I will convert to jk3:JA. I know this file
         is big but I had to copy the textures from jk2 into the map because JK3:JA does
         not use those textures. Hopefully this will the only map being this big.

1. How do I install?

   First you need to unzip the file into an temp directory, then you should copy the    Fear_<mapname>.pk3 file to the base directory in gamedata.

2. This is a clan map of the JK Clan <|FeaR|>, it has it all. I can be used for FFA,TFFA.
   The map was made to give the clan space for the private duels and training activities.

3. Website developer is simular to the above information. Same as for the email address.

   Basicly this map should kick ass, why did I make it and submitted it. The people who    already have it say
   it kicks ass, its da best. I used some of my own textures in the map but most are from    radiant itself.

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