FF4 Crystal Duel

The Final Fantasy franchise is undoubtedly my favorite RPGs of all time, since I was a little girl I used to play FF1 on the nes, never unde...


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The Final Fantasy franchise is undoubtedly my favorite RPGs of all time, since I was a little girl I used to play FF1 on the nes, never understood it but just couldn’t get enough of it. With Final Fantasy 7 my love for the series was revived and now Shadow comes to deliver his take on the Crystal Room in Final Fantasy 4.

This map is fairly small, not big enough for FFA but good enough for dueling. You start in a small room which is connected to the Crystal room by a small hallway. After going into this room I felt nostalgia towards the FF4, it is much like it and the way it’s made reminds me of it. In the center of the room is some stairs leading up to the place where the crystal is in but beware the hole on the ground will kill you if you fall into it.

While not a spectacular map it does it’s best to reminisce it’s original source. The bot routes are not defined so you’ll have them jumping around all the time. It does have music from the game which is in the all too familiar snes sound which adds to it in my opinion but you’ll have to judge for yourself.

Overall not impressive but not bad, if you’re a fan go get this now! :D

Lady Trinity

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Download 'ff4_crystal_duel.zip' (6.01MB)

        Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
        TITLE: Final Fantasy 4: Crystal duel
        AUTHOR: KoH_Shadow
        E-MAIL: darthwampa@aim.com
        WEBSITE: www.kohcenter.com

        FILENAME: Crystal_duel.pk3
        FILESIZE: 4.89 MB
        DATE RELEASED: October 20, 2007

        CREDITS: Shadow Stone,Nozyspy (for textures)

        INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: place the .Pk3 file in the base folder 
	(directory usually "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base"

        DESCRIPTION: map based on the Crystal room in Final Fantasy 4

        BUGS: none

        COMMENTS: I was inspired to making this map after I beat every Final Fantasy
	NOTE: To use in /map, /Devmap, or mod changing codes (such as /ammap), use crystal_duel

	Copyrights: you May NOT use any of my textures without my permission, if you seek permission please e-mail 
        me at darthwampa@aim.com and a reply will  be most likely sent from 1-4 days



JEDI KNIGHT: Mos Eisley Backstreets - Day

Title: Mos Eisley Backstreets - Day
Author: Nozyspy
E-mail: nozy_007@hotmail.com

Website: www.nozyspycreations.com		

Date Released:  27/8/07

Game Type: FFA/TFFA

New Textures: Yes

New Music: No

New Models: Yes

Bot Routing: Yes

Installation: Put the day_mos_eisley_backstreets.pk3 into your /gamedata/base/ directory.


Welcome to the backstreets of Mos Eisley, the most notorious hive of scum and villany on all of Tatooine!

Whilst your visiting why not check out the local cantina for a refreshing glass of juri juice, or a even a 
bantha ham sandwich...

Be careful you dont run into Jabba or his thugs though, or you might not get out alive!

Oh, and watch out for falling crates too...


Well, where do i start?! This map has been in production for SOOOOOOO long, ive been working on it for well 
over a year on and off. When i started it i thought "oh this will be easy, i will have it done in a 
few weeks or maybe a couple of months or something". Well...how wrong i was! This map has been a real learning
experience for me, as its the first proper 'cityscape' type of outdoor map that ive done. As such dont expect
it to be entirely bug free, although after extensive beta testing and bug fixing, there should be pracically 
no bugs at all!

Like i said this has been a tough map for me and ive learned alot from it, especially about making the map as 
clean and proffesional as possible. Ive also learned alot about how Vis works, and trying to improve framerate
by stremlining the map and removing as many un-necassary details as possible whilst still making the map look nice.

Like all of my other maps, this is not based on a specific movie location. Though i would love to make a movie map, 
i just felt that it restricted my creativity a bit too much for this setting. Instead this is meant to be one of those 
'unseen' places in the backstreets of Mos Eisley.

The inspiration for this map was taken by the Living Dead Jedi / Sssid / Sith J Cull joint effort map 'Mos Eisley Trap'.
The idea of a nighttime Tatooine 'cityscape' map just really inspired me to try and make one myself. 

Originally i had notintended to do a daytime version. But some people who had commented on the map on Sith J Culls forums 
suggested it would be a good idea, so, i went for it! Im very pleased with the effect, especially the skybox, which took 
me quite a long time to get just right (not as long as the night time version though!). You will also notice, that unlike 
the base JKA Tatooine skybox, mine has the proper twin suns that Tatooine is supposed to have.

I tried to make the map as large and as 'Tatooine like' as possible, concentrating alot on getting the architecture 
and textures looking just right. I also spent quite a long time getting the daytime feel just right, which was 
very difficult to do, almost as difficult as making the night-time effect! Getting the right balance between ambient 
light and the color/intensity of the sun entity was challanging but fun. 

Also, some people who play Starwars galaxies may notice that a few of the buildings and areas are very similar to ones 
out of Starwars Galaxies, see if you can recognise them!

***MAP NOTE*** 

Enterable buildings have a sign outside! Also check the street map included in the .zip for an overview map of the area!


- Well, Lucasarts/Raven of course for making the game, and the base textures which i heavily modified to use in this map.

- My many beta testers, too many to name individually!

- So many people helped or tried to help with the scripting (for the falling crates) for this map, including Immenor, 
  Mace, and many others, although it was Szico who finally managedpull off this confusing piece of scripting. 
  So thanks to Szico for the finished scripts and test map!

- The people at SOE who made Starwars Galaxies, from which i have drawn inspiration and ideas as to the design 
  of some of the buildings (see if you can guess which!).

- Living Dead Jedi / Sssid / Sith J Cull for their joint effort map 'Mos Eisley Trap' which first inspired me 
  to make this map.

- Whoever it was who made GTK Radiant!

- Paintshop Pro 9 which i used to make/modify the textures.

- John Williams who composed the music for Star Wars of course.

- The maker of the Starwars font i use in my levelshots, whoever they are!

- And of course...George Lucas for creating Star Wars!

- Oh, and anyone else that deserves to be in the credits but who's name's i cant remember!

Well i think thats everyone!

Have Fun! :D


This level isnt made or supported by LucasArts, Raven Software or anything like that, 
blah blah, so on and so forth...

Please DO NOT edit, re-release, or use any elements from this map without asking me first, thanks! :)

Readme File:

Title : Jedi's Home JL II
Author : Shadow Stone
E-Mail : shadowstone00@gmail.com 
Website : www.jedioflight.net

File Version: 2.0
File Name : Jedi'sHomeJL_II.pk3 


Description : well this map has been completly remade from scratch. Why?
well i didn't like it that much before, simply because i had built it
without snap to grid on, therefore giving me a bunch of retarded errors. 
BUt all in all it is pretty much the same thing, only it's completly different :P
This time i actually made most of my textures, most of them were made from scratch, others were
raven textures that i simply edited.
This time around, in my opinion everything seems to have a more organized, cleaner and professional look
to it. There are also quite a few secrets for you to find, some harder to find than others and
some really hard to find :/. There are if im not mistaken 10 secrets, (plus or minus one).

* Map Information * 

Bot Support: yes
New Textures: yes
New Music: yes

Game types are FFA and TFFA

*Bed Time Story*

Many years after the new republic had been established; many years after 
Luke had commenced his Jedi Academy program. The Sith where once again expanding. 
The teaching methods used in the academy proved to be a failure. 
More then one third of the Jedi’s were turning to the dark side.
The darkside was now consuming the academy.  
Soon, the Sith were controlling everyone and everything going on within the academy. 
Eventually, 2 Jedi Masters and a padawan fled from the corrupted institute. 
As the Sith increase started to decline, the 3 Jedi’s slowly emerged from there whereabouts.
They found themselves somewhere at the edge of the galaxy, it had appeared to be an 
unknown and deserted system. It was then decided that this unknown system would be the 
new location in which the Jedi Academy would be rebuilt.
After decades of construction, the 3 Jedi’s proved to be some pretty good carpenters. 
With the mapping help a mysterious man named Shadow Stone, they managed to successfully 
build a new home.
As time went on, their location became more and more popular. 
Eventually, the Sith snuck there way deep within the Jedi’s Home. 
An attack eventually broke out, yadi yadi yada and one of the founding Jedi Masters passed on. 
As for the Sith…they now lay secretly deep with home of the Jedis,
studying the their every move. 

(yea i know the story is kinda retarded, but hey, who cares, im bulding a map not a book)


* How to install * 

Just put the pk3 in GameData\base in your game directory


* Copyright / Permissions * 


Other editors may NOT use this map as base for other maps, using reverse decompile methods.


win or lose drink the booze

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